SAHARA Las Vegas Returns

By Ben Hamill - September 04 2019

SAHARA Las Vegas Returns

Not only has SLS Las Vegas undergone a complete transformation ever since the venue was sold to investor Alex Meruelo in April 2018, but the iconic casino has also been given its equally legendary name back. Thanks to its visionary new owner, the SAHARA Las Vegas has come full circle, and it’s as if a sense of order has been restored to Las Vegas Boulevard.

The transformation involved a complete overhaul and redesign of the resort, including the casino floor and is now, $150 million in investments and cash injections later, moving ever closer to a phenomenal grand re-opening. The 60,000-foot casino floor now flaunts modern bling and glitz and a bright and uplifting atmosphere thanks to clever lighting tricks.

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Old Name But New Look

The venue is officially classic with a new hat on. The hotel creates the idea of having been magically transformed and rooms are fresh and welcoming. The spa too, is like a feature installed in someone’s dream vacation. But there are more upgrades to follow later this year, including a complete do-over of the resort’s pool as well as a re-imagined hotel lobby.

The resort’s exterior will soon receive the special re-design treatment too and once the marquee signage and brand new lettering have been affixed to the outside of the iconic building, the SARAHA Las Vegas will officially have returned to its rightful place on the Strip.

True Vegas Experience

The iconic casino hotel and resort is epic Las Vegas, says new owner Meruelo, and its return is of significant importance to the entire Vegas experience on the legendary Strip. But its about much more than giving a classic its name back and adding a bit of glitz and glamour for good measure. SAHARA Las Vegas, says Meruelo, is all about re-creating a true resort experience.

It’s about re-capturing true Vegas in the imagination of the mind. Guests will be warmly welcomed when stepping into the hotel’s lobby or onto the gaming floor. The idea is to create a personalised SAHARA experience for each and every individual that enters through the doors of the resort, something that Meruelo regards as being absent from the majority of venues calling Las Vegas home.

A special addition to the resort is the recently unveiled Infinity premium gaming lounge, tailor-designed to cater to the needs and preferences of the sophisticated player. And Poker lovers have something to look forward too as a brand new SAHARA Poker room is in the pipeline for 2020.

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