Richmond Commuters Want Free Parkade Back

By Ben Hamill - October 31 2018

Richmond parking

A Richmond community member and daily commuter has dedicated herself to trying to convince River Rock Casino to re-open a parking lot that was previously both free to use and fully operational.

Until very recently, Canadian Catherine Miller had always used the casino’s free parking lot, leaving her car there before she took the metro line to her Vancouver workplace each day. The local woman commutes from Richmond this way on a constant basis, and had been parking her car in a vacant lot under the Bridgeport Canada Line station for nearly 5 years until she discovered that it had been closed about two months ago.

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Parking Troubles Ensue for Locals

Miller claims that the free parking lot’s closure has caused endless troubles for many other community members that commute daily, including herself. Since the area was closed off in August, people are now being forced to leave their vehicles in the jam-packed south parkade of the gambling venue, which costs them $2.50 a day.

Considering the fact that this lot is always overcrowded with cars, Miller and many other commuters also have to spend plenty of time circling the parkade and its flanking streets in order to try and find alternative parking options.

As she noted to Richmond News, Miller also explained that almost all of the spots in the remaining parkade are taken by 8:30am each morning and used for the rest of the day, as most of them are used by commuters just like herself. She also noted that it has been a real challenge for people to find other parking options in the area, as parking limits usually apply – not to mention that River Rock also has many of its spaces reserved specifically for casino visitors.

GCG Working to Re-Open the Parkade

The daily traveller has protested against the closure of the parking lot that was previously free to use. She is even reportedly willing to pay for a spot now, as it would spare her many other inconveniences in the long run. Miller has also contacted the gaming establishment, and was told that the venue is currently devising a solution to the issue alongside relevant Richmond authorities.

Great Canadian Gaming’s Media Relations Director, Sonja Mandic, noted to Richmond News that the formerly free parkade to the southeast of Bridgeport station had to be closed as many people were using it as a ‘dumping ground’. Mandic also noted that her company (the owner of River Rock) has teamed up with Richmond authorities to ensure that the vacant area is upgraded in order to make it safe to use by commuters who wish to park their vehicles there.

She also highlighted the fact that the public is welcome to take advantage of River Rock’s 24-hour South Parkade at $2.50 per day until the upgrade of the free parking lot is completed – or, at least until another temporary solution is made available.

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