Station Finally Gives Up Reno Casino Dream

By Ben Hamill - September 14 2020

Station Finally Gives Up Reno Casino Dream

Las Vegas-based hotel and casino gaming company Station Casinos has thrown in the towel on a 15-year-long battle to raise a successful casino in Reno.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ), the company recently put all of its Reno properties up for sale – including the 8-acres-large proposed casino site situated near the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and Reno Town Mall.

The other property now up for sale is real estate situated at the intersection of Mount Rose and Carson-Reno highways, and measuring 88.8-acres in size.

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Failure To Launch

But of the two properties, though the considerably smaller of the two, it’s the one located near the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and Reno Town Mall that marks the end of a particularly challenging era for Station Casinos. Described by the company as being a saga 15 years in the making, it is the eight-acre site where Station spent many years enduring one setback after another as it attempted to open a successful casino in Reno.

Had Station Casinos been successful at developing the 2006-approved $500 million hotel and casino, it would have launched its very first casino operated in the so-called Biggest Little City.

But the global health crisis isn’t the only crisis to be blamed for Station Casinos’ failure to launch a casino in Reno. Instead, an entire combination of issues are to blame – not excluding several economic downturns and a wave of local resistance. Stations Casinos’ failure is the result of several twists and turns on a very rocky backroad.

A Crisis 15 Years In The Making

The company as far back as 2005 first approached Reno City Council for the necessary approvals needed to go ahead with a massive $500 million casino and hotel development. Station’s plans included a total of three 225-foot-high hotel towers which would become home to 900 hotel rooms, ample underground parking, several retail stores and projects, and a massive gaming venue (casino).

Reno City Council eventually approved said proposal in 2006, after which Station Casinos proceeded to purchase both of the aforementioned properties.

But before the company even had time to start turning its dreams into reality, the global recession of 2008 struck – with Nevada one of the U.S. states hit hardest of them all. This led Station with no other option but to put its elaborate plans for a casino and hotel on hold.

Another proposal would ultimately follow and be approved by Reno City Council in 2016 – though much smaller and without any hotel rooms this time around in the mix.

Last-mentioned development however never came to fruition. And since Station Casinos is now trying to offload both Reno properties, the future of its intentions for the Biggest Little City in the World remain unclear.

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