Rama Gaming House To Benefit From SG Systems

By Ben Hamill - February 11 2021

Rama Gaming House To Benefit From SG Systems

Patrons of Rama Gaming House in Ontario are in for a smashing new treat. The popular gaming establishment now gets to offer even more high-quality gaming services and products following the successful inking of an exciting new deal with Scientific Games Corporation.

Scientific Games, a world-renowned leader in casino software development, recently completed the first fitting of cloud-hosted gaming management solutions at the venue. The SG installation includes the addition of CMP and SDS core systems, as well as the Elite Bonusing Suite which is presented on the new iVIEW 4 display.

Perhaps most exciting of all is that Rama Gaming House is the region’s very first charity gaming establishment in Ontario to be kitted out with the cloud-hosted gaming solution from Scientific Games Corp. And according to Rama General Manager Don James, the venue is very much looking forward to using the newly-installed applications to ramp up and enhance the player experience on the gaming floor.

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About The Installation

Each part of the installation fulfills a different purpose within the overall setup of the system. The SDS installation will allow the venue to monitor slot machines and other gaming devices with the help of the built-in slot accounting system. This system allows the administrator to keep track of everything happening on all of the venue’s machines, which in turn allows for system verification and high-end quality control.

The CMP core system, which runs concurrently with SDS, is all about cultivating great customer relationships. The system will allow the establishment to keep complete tabs on player tracking, so as to gain valuable insight into customer habits and overall satisfaction.

The third and final peg is the iVIEW 4 display. The system interface makes it possible for casino and gaming venue operators to display marketing and special-promo content on the screens of gaming machines. Included in the display’s functionality is the showing of videos and a variety of colourful animations on a convenient touch-screen display. And since the system makes use of HTML5 technology, the marketing content displayed on the venue’s machines can be updated as the need arises.

Better Service At A Lower Cost

SG Corp. Executive VP and Chief Revenue Officer Bob Parente commented on the installation by expressing his confidence in the exceptional product. Scientific Games’ cloud-hosted solutions are a dynamic and powerful offering, said Parente.

The VP added that by hosting gaming solutions via a cloud-based system, the tech and software provider is better able to serve its customers by providing a bigger range of products and services, and at a comparatively lower cost overall.

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