Casino Regina Dealer Fired Over Racist Talk

By Ben Hamill - February 09 2021

Casino Regina Dealer Fired Over Racist Talk

An employee from Casino Regina has learnt the hard way that racism never pays. The employee was fired by Crown corporation and operator Saskatchewan Gaming Corp. in 2018 after making several racist remarks towards fellow employees.

The guilty party, who worked as dealer and acting supervisor for a period of roughly 10 years, eventually lost his job after two complaints of racism were lodged with management and has been trying ever since to appeal and overturn the Crown corporation’s dismissal decision. The arbitration commissioner in charge of the employee’s case late last month confirmed that the man will not be reinstated in his former position at the popular Saskatchewan gaming venue.

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Union: Employee Showed “Regret”

According to union representatives the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the union supported the now former-employee’s plight to be reinstated over the fact that he claimed to feel genuine and deep remorse over his statements and actions. He was also willing to accept corrective actions instituted against him, a union representative has said.

Testifying in the case before arbitrator Allen Ponak had been an indigenous woman claiming that the defendant had directed her to watch “John Wayne” Western-style films. When the woman pointed out that typical Western films portray Indigenous people in a derogatory manner, the defendant had reportedly told her to “get over it”.

Several more racist remarks followed, testified the woman, and the experience had left her anxious and trembling. The woman described the remarks made by the man as divisive and grotesque, which was what had led her to eventually report the incident to management.

Racism At Grand Villa Casino

But the Casino Regina isn’t the only gaming hotspot to have made recent news headlines over an incident of racism.

Siobhan Barker, a former patron of Burnaby’s Grand Villa Casino, discovered herself at the receiving end of racial profiling when leaving the casino’s restaurant area in June 2019. According to Barker, upon making her way to the parking area of the casino complex after an event at the restaurant, she was suddenly ordered to “stop” by a security guard. The guard promptly informed her that he wanted to check her bag for weapons and/or alcohol.

When Barker refused to allow the guard to search the contents of her bag, she was allegedly detained for a further 40 minutes as more security personnel were called to the scene.  Barker says she believes she was accosted simply because of the fact that she’s a woman of colour.

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