Quebec Casino Properties Now Due To Reopen

By Ben Hamill - February 15 2022

Quebec Casino Properties Now Due To ReopenAnyone wanting to go to a casino in Quebec has been out of luck. Since last December every establishment has had its doors firmly closed, much to the dismay of gambling enthusiasts. But now, at last, it seems as if doors are finally ready to reopen. If no delays occur almost every casino in the province will be back on track come February 28th, 2022.

The announcement came courtesy of Loto-Quebec, who listed the names of venues that will be opening. Those mentioned include Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Casino Lac-Leamy, Casino Charlevoix, and Casino Montreal. Casino de Mont-Tremblant is also due to resume operations, but only a few days later on March 3rd.

Of course, the world health crisis is still a challenge, which means that doors aren’t going to open without some safety measures in place.

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Restrictions Still Apply

It will be good to be able to head back to a casino, but visitor should take note of the following necessary precautions.

Operational hours will be limited, with each venue having its own individual schedule. Vaccine passports will naturally have to be presented before entrance is allowed. Plus, of course, both guests and staff will need to wear face masks at all times. It isn’t anything that hasn’t already been seen, but those intending on heading to their local casino best know what they’re in for.

Christian Dubé, Minister of Health And Social Services, explained the situation further. He first explained that vaccine passports are not going away any time soon, and that Canadians should get used to carrying them. He also stressed that most entertainment venues will be operating at a 50% capacity limit until further notice. Oddly, however, he commented that theatres are the only exception, soon to be reopening with 100% capacity allowed.

Casinos Getting Back To Business

CEO of the Crown corporation, Jean-François Bergeron, shared some interesting information at the end of 2021. He pointed out that although gambling venues were once again being forced to close, measures were being taken to minimize economic impact. In this case he seems to be referring to the fact that employees were transferred over to customer support, this allowing them to keep working.

The Crown also released a fiscal report, painting a clearer picture of the land-based casino industry. The numbers clearly showed that for the second quarter, 2021 to 2022, revenue came in at CA$388 million. This is 58% higher than the same quarter from last year, seeming to suggest that things are finally getting back on track.

Hopes are that the rest of 2022 will be free of further disruptions.