Playing at Casinos using Numerology

By Ben Hamill - February 20 2016


Casino players are always looking for strategies that will allow them to experience more success at their lottery endeavors. Some gamers are turning to numerology with various degrees of success.


Numerology involves the belief that there’s a relationship between numbers and coinciding events. The science of numerology has been practice for thousands of years including by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The early Christian Church decreed that numerology was an “unapproved belief” but throughout the last 2000 years the study of the relationship between numbers and other events has held a strong position in the many regions of the world.

Today numerology is more popular than ever. Some numerologists identify numerological influences in one’s name and birth date. They then expand that data to discuss how those points affect a person’s life. Others use numerology to assess an individual’s personality or examine how the numbers impact on events that occur.

Casino numerology enthusiasts adhere to the belief that numbers are divine and mystical. They think that the numbers have the ability to determine the results of gambling events and they consult their charts before beginning to play casino games. Numerology is complex but there are some basic concepts that summarize numerology.

Numbers and Luck

Casino numerology enthusiasts promote the idea that winning at casino games isn’t a matter of “random good fortune.” Believers say that there are no random acts, only success that are based on a deliberate ordering of a series of numerical events. For numerology fans, life resonates or vibrates according to a certain frequency which is determined by numbers. Numbers govern life and everything that happens. They point out that it wouldn’t be possible to live without numbers — numbers even play a place within nature, as demonstrated by the fact that flowers have a pre-determined number of petals, plants have an expected number of leaves, etc.

Another example of the importance of numbers in our day-to-day life involves the numbers of a clock. Those numbers govern when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you need to be at a certain place, etc. Yet if we didn’t have those numbers, we would be lost.

Numbers, numerologist adherents say, are a pattern which exist within all events. They determine the outcome of these events. Numerologists try to identify this pattern and harness the power of the pattern to help individuals enjoy happier, more productive and more satisfying lives.

Find your Lucky Number

Professional numerologists use numerology charts to chart people’s personal number patterns, but there are also methods that non-professionals can use to improve circumstances and outcomes.

If you want to try to identify the correct numbers that will give you the best results in any of your activities, you need to first determine your personal numbers. Numbers 1-9 are examined. These numbers are believed to have a vibrational quality that represents properties and ideals. Each of these numbers is affiliated with a letter of in the alphabet. To identify your personal numbers you need to add the sets of numbers as you work towards a finish with a single workable number. Double digit numbers are “master numbers” and are believed to give off powerful vibrations.

The five most important numbers in your life are

  • Your birth date — your life path
  • Vowels of your birth name — your soul number —
  • Consonants of your birth name — your outer personality
  • Your full birth name — your destiny
  • Your birth name (full) plus your birth date — your power number

Your personal numbers are considered to be your lucky numbers.

You add these numbers to a single digit, keeping in mind that, at some point, you will add all these numbers together in order to arrive at a single number. That last single number is very important.

So, for example, say your power number is 6 and the add-down number is 16. You write this as 16/6 and, according to some numerologists (different numerologists interpret the numbers differently) you’ll find your power when you encounter those two numbers.

Delineation Charts

To determine the numbers associated with their letters, you use a delineation chart. As with the variations among numerologists’ interpretations of numbers, there are also variations among delineation charts. In the Western World, the main delineation chart associates a 1 with a A, J, or S, a 2 with a B, K or T, a 3 with a C, L. or U, a 4 with a D, M or V, a 5 with a E, N, or W, a 6 with a F, O or X, a 7 with a G, P or Y, a 8 with a H, Q or Z and a 9 with a I or and R.

Lucky Numbers for Gambling

Some people consider numerology only for casino games that have numbers in the games, such as card games, roulette, baccarat and poker as well as the lotteries. But lucky numbers in numerology can also refer to the bets that you place which may relate to the wagers that you place on a slot machine.

Some other ways that numerology can be used to guide your gambling activities:

  • The number of people who are playing
  • The lucky numbers of the other people and even of the dealer (if known)
  • The time of day or night that you play
  • Numbers that came up on recent plays

To Use Numerology or Not to Use Numerology?

Creating an numeric pattern involves complex mathematical equations. By focusing on your lucky numbers when playing casino games, you should remember that numerology is a strategy like any other strategy, but ultimately, playing at the casino is a form of entertainment and you shouldn’t count on any one method to choose your games, make your moves or place your bets.

Always set aside a bankroll for your casino gambling event and when that bankroll ends, go home.

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