Pickering Casino Resort On Track for 2020 Opening

By Ben Hamill - August 15 2019

Pickering Casino Resort On Track for 2020 Opening

Great Canadian Gaming is creating employment opportunities in a time that is regarded as particularly volatile from a labour-union point of view. The operator is one of Canada’s largest casino games operators and now officially done with the 1st phase of construction of its new Pickering Casino Resort.

Pickering Casino Resort was initially scheduled to open towards the end of 2019, but the grand opening has now been bumped up to 2020 following necessary adjustments that had to be made to the construction process.

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Good Things Are To Come

But all good things take time and judging by the slew of entertainment planned or the new venue, this will certainly be solid case of the coming together of good things. The casino will obviously include a gaming floor with slots and games tables, but the operator has said that thanks to the inclusion of several top dining businesses, family-friendly offerings will not be falling by the wayside, as has been the case with so many casino entertainment venues in the past. Pickering Casino Resort will be putting back the resort into casino.

In addition to quality dining, the operator will also ensure music entertainment to suit every possible preference. Top bands and live performances will be on offer every day, said the operator, further improving the quality of the balanced entertainment experience.

A hotel tower is part of the plan too, offering top-class but also affordable accommodation to travellers. This will without a doubt incentivise the spend of “outside” money in the region and will benefit all business situated in the surrounding areas, and not only the hotel and venue itself.

Good News On The Job Front

But perhaps the most uplifting news of all is the fact that the casino expects to employ at least 2,000 individuals from the ranks of the local community, providing a much-needed boost to the local job economy.

General Manager Tyrone Waite has confirmed the figure and has said that various job fairs will be taking place in throughout the months leading up to the grand opening. Waite has furthermore said that the focus when making appointments will be entirely on attempting to keep it as local as possible. Employees will, once hired, pass through a rigorous and professional training apprenticeship program aimed at fully preparing the future employees of Pickering Casino Resort to live their best possible life whilst in the employment of the operator.

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