Ex-Crown Chairman Admits To Shameful Threats

By Ben Hamill - October 08 2020

Ex-Crown Chairman Admits To Shameful Threats

An inquiry into the suitability of Crown Resorts to hold its licence for its new casino planned for Sydney later this year has unearthed quite the pandora’s box of embarrassments. The government enquiry has now led to former Crown Resorts Executive Chairman James Packer admitting to having threatened someone via email in 2015.

The threats directed at a person known only as Mr. X had allegedly been made at a time the company had been looking to trade privately, with the unknown individual reportedly involved in the process. Packer, while linked via video with the New South Wales inquiry hearing, reportedly under oath admitted to his behaviour and acknowledged said behaviour as “disgraceful” and an action now causing him to feel ashamed about his past actions.

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Untreated Bipolar Led To Threats

Notable is that when asked by the board of inquirers whether or not he had been aware that the threats uttered opposite Mr. X could have been interpreted as frightening by the target, he responded by saying that it surprised  him to learn that this had even been a possibility. He also seemed unsure about whether or not he had at the time of the threats made over email served in the capacity of director of Crown Resorts. The company’s records reveal that this had in fact been the case.

When prompted to motivate why he (Packer) thought himself worthy of confidence placed in his character – especially since Crown was in the process of applying to hold on to a casino licence, he explained that he had at the time of the email treats suffered of untreated bi-polar disorder. He was very sick at the time, said Packer.

Packer Wants Lenience

Packer did add that he was indeed now being treated for the issue and conceded to the fact that he should have informed shareholders of his medical condition since right from the start. Packer currently still owns a 37 per cent share in Crown Resorts.

Since Packer’s attorney, Noel Hutley, believes that the emails between Packer and several others, including Mr. X, had been exchanged at a time of intense emotional and personal crisis for Packer, it he put it to the inquiry that he did not consider it fair if the actual emails were shown to the inquiry. There is also no public interest in disclosing the contents of the emails, said Hutley.

Though the judge ultimately conceded that it would not serve public interest had the entire contents of all 13 emails been disclosed, what did manage to filter into the public domain was that the threats made by Packer referred to a person connected to Mossad, Israel’s feared National Intelligence Agency.