Ottawa Tribe May Get Their Casino Venue

By Ben Hamill - March 02 2019

Ottawa Tribe May Get Their Casino Venue

When it comes to US politics, anybody seldom really walks away a winner. And when they do, it’s a long and tedious process. This is the story of a Native American Indian tribe called the Little River band of Ottawa. The tribe has been trying to exercise its rights to operate a tribal casino for quite some time now, and has recently heard that due to a delay at the US Department of Internal affairs, it may have to wait even longer to get the process underway; some say as long as June/July 2019.

Ottawa’s Little River Band, a federally recognized Native American tribe, is understandably frustrated, because it has for many years worked towards achieving what was supposed to have been a simple goal: the launch of a casino in the Michigan county area.

The delay seems to stem from the fact that the tribe is actually situated in the counties of Mason and Manistee. As such the 60-acre Michigan lot that has been allocated for the development of the tribal casino, will first have to be transferred into a federal trust, before usage can legally be registered in favor of the Little River Band of Ottawa tribe.

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Deadlock Delays Development

A final decision was supposed to have been forthcoming by latest April/May, but a recent deadlock between the Republicans and the Democrats regarding the issue of border control, has caused further delays.

The tribe purchased the lot back in 2008 and has been dreaming of constructing the tribal casino ever since. Its supposedly the fact that the US Department of Internal Affairs has not yet gotten around to examining the 2015 comments made by Michigan residents about the proposed development.

Four years later, and the proceedings at least appear to be moving in the right direction.

Go-Ahead Is In The Pipeline

Those who have read some of the comments are of the opinion that they are by and large of a positive nature. US citizens generally support the social and economic development of Native American tribes, and the expectation was always that the Michigan community would in fact support the motion.

In the event that the construction does get underway in a timely fashion, the tribe may very well be in a position to open the doors of its new casino to the public by 2020. There are currently 12 tribes registered in the state; with 26 gambling venues in full operation.

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