Ontario Casinos To Require Vaccination Proof

By Ben Hamill - September 09 2021

Ontario Casinos To Require Vaccination Proof

As casinos once again open their doors in Ontario the industry is breathing a sigh of relief. However, with the world health crisis still looming, and a fourth wave of infections currently causing concern, things are about to take a drastic turn. It has been announced that from 22nd September anyone wanting to visit an Ontario casino will require proof of vaccination. Establishments to adopt this regulation include all casinos, bingo halls, and other gambling related facilities.

It is a controversial decision, though not one that the Ontario Ministry of Health made lightly. According to a spokesperson the decision came in response to the spike in local infections, which in turn has threated to put the local health system under serious strain. Hence, the spokesperson explained, making vaccinations compulsory, for certain services, will act as encouragement for those that are yet to get a shot.

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Not Just Gambling

It isn’t, of course, just casinos that are due to start requiring proof of vaccination. All high-risk settings in the state are soon to start doing the same, including anywhere that attracts large crowds of visitors. Hence, gyms, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, fitness facilities, sporting events, cinemas, and more are all soon to require that visitors present proof that they have had their shots.

Doug Ford, Ontario premier, shed more light on the situation. He first stressed that the government is committed, above all else, to protecting citizens. He went on to explain that in order to keep locals safe it is also a matter of keeping the medical industry stable, as well as preventing massive disruptions to local businesses.

He concluded by saying that vaccinations are, without question, the best way to avoid further disruptive restrictions.

The Path Forward

It is worth noting that Ontario is just one of many Canadian states making vaccinations compulsory. Quebec already implemented this measure on the 1st of September, will Manitoba and British Columbia having already announced that they will be making similar rules.

As far as gambling venues are concerned, however, it is Ontario that has really been feeling the brunt. There are currently 24 local casinos that have opened their doors, all of which were put under enormous pressure during lockdowns. After having just opened for business again in July, these establishments can certainly not afford further restrictions.

How Canadians respond to these new measures remains to be seen but given that most have already had their shots chances are there will be minimal resistance.