Ontario Officially Changes iGaming Rules

By Ben Hamill - July 21 2021

Ontario Officially Changes iGaming Rules

iGaming Ontario has not been around for very long, but already the organisation has made some changes to the status quo. According to an announcement, online slots offered in the province may no long have an auto-play feature and must have each spin occur over a minimum of 2.5 seconds. These rules have been immediately implemented. iGaming Ontario, which is a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming commission, was only officially launched last week, but wasted no time in making their presence felt.

In more detail the watchdog group declared that each spin of an online slot must be a matter of player commitment, and as such auto-play features, which allow numerous sequential spins to occur without direct player interaction, must be disabled immediately. Additionally, every spin must now occur over a minimum amount of time, ensuring that the player is aware of every wager made and the subsequent outcome.

These changes are already significant but were not the only mandated changes to the local iGaming world.

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Additional Changes

Beyond the auto-play and minimal time frame rules it was also declared that split-screen play, and multi-screen play are officially banned. This refers to players having a number of online slots open simultaneously, allowing for several spins to occur on parallel sessions.

The changes don’t stop there. It was also explained that in-game animations that celebrated an outcome that was lower than the initial wager should be removed. As far as in game displays are concerned, it is now also illegal to depict a player’s bankroll in credits as opposed to Canadian dollars.

These are only the new rules relating to the games themselves, with changes also being enforced on any advertising related to iGaming.

Advertising Alterations

In the advertising department iGaming Ontario expressed the following: ads may not be themed in any way, and use of language must not appeal to minors in any way. Advertising may also not appear in the vicinity of schools. Ads may also not take advantage of player inexperience, be geared towards lack of knowledge, and may never present gambling as something that may be a financial success.

Torstar Corporation, a company that is looking to get into gambling in the new future, was quick to praise the new authority. A Torstar representative said that the new watchdog entity has come at the exact right time, given that legal single sports betting is now officially on the horizon.

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