OLG Says Cash Allocations Will Continue

By Ben Hamill - April 08 2020

OLG Says Cash Allocations Will Continue

Regular casino cash allocations will continue to be paid by venues under the control of the OLG, the Crown corporation this week said. This means that the municipalities of Ajax and Scugog will continue to benefit from cash payments payable according to allocation agreements despite the fact that the nation has entered into lockdown and all casinos have been ordered to temporarily shut their doors.

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Instead of the usual hustle and bustle at Casino Ajax and Great Blue Heron Casino, an eerie atmosphere now prevails. The lights have been turned down and none of the usual chiming and chirping can be heard coming from slots landing. But the new normal aside, no trade means no income, which seemingly makes it even more precarious a decision on the part of the OLG to have ordered allocations to continue as if nothing at all had changed.

Payments As Usual

But at the same time, communities rely heavily on the cash allocations received from casinos each year, and Ontario province is no exception. Even though players have been ordered to get their weekly gaming fix online at PlayOLG.ca instead of visiting casinos in-person, communities aren’t suddenly immune from economic woes and need of support.

There is currently a total of 26 gaming venues overseen by the OLG and judging from statements made by the Crown corporation earlier on this week, it now seems as if all cash allocations will continue on schedule for the foreseeable future. It stands to good reason from an ongoing relationship point of view as once the doors to these venues re-open, casinos will have to remain in the good books of local host communities so as to ensure a continuance of business as usual.

Taking Each Day As It Comes

That the OLG is now in a position of having to feel the situation and make decisions in the moment as time wears on isn’t a situation unique to the casino industry. A battle for balance can be witnessed all over the world. Money will never weigh in more heavily than what does human life, but without money, few are able to survive long-term.

If the current pandemic has taught big business anything, it’s that most things previously considered important within the context of day-to-day trade, isn’t all that important after all. Human assets continue to trump everything else. And so perhaps the OLG’s resolve to “keep the money coming” isn’t anything to be perplexed about.

Communities matter, after all.

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