North Bay Cascades Roadwork Bid Awarded

By Ben Hamill - June 19 2020

North Bay Cascades Roadwork Bid Awarded

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has confirmed having now received a long-awaited North Bay Council go-ahead regarding the planned Cascades Casino North Bay roadwork project. Once completed, the upgrade to the intersection connecting Pinewood Park Drive to Lakeshore Drive will greatly ease traffic congestion, making it a great deal easier for locals to move around. But the project is of particular importance within the context of the future operations of Gateway’s new Cascades Casino North Bay.

The main purpose of the project is to, once complete, ensure easy and unhindered movement in and out of the new casino complex. The winning bidder and company tasked with overseeing the project has been identified as Tatham Engineering Ltd. The Cascades Casino project is valued at CA$30.1 million and once complete, will provide job security to many. The roadworks contract itself amounts to a preliminary CA$222,145.

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Extensive Optimisation

The upgrade will not only focus on the mentioned intersection alone, but also on a large portion of road located between Ferris Drive and Decaire Road, as well as about a kilometer’s worth of road south of Decaire Road. Once complete, the project will have greatly improved the overall shape of the structure, making it a great deal easier to move around the entire region and not just in the immediate vicinity of the new casino complex.  

The cost of the upgrade will be shared by the operator and the North Bay City Council. The upgrade’s design is at this stage only preliminary and a more accurate cost estimation will become available as soon as Tatham Engineering has finished drafting the final design proposal.

Concerns Over Council’s Share

Even though many benefits are expected to result from the development and accompanying upgrade to roads and local infrastructure, not everyone approves of the City Council having to share in the paying of the construction costs.

Councillor Mark King, for one, has expressed the notion that North Bay citizens should not be made to pay for an upgrade that will mostly serve a multi-million-dollar casino development. King believes that given the current economic climate, Gateway should be made to foot the entire bill.

Some others have expressed concerns over anticipated further delays resulting from the ongoing global health crisis. Councillor Mark Anthony expects the development to be delayed even further – a situation that will ultimately take its toll on the community at large.

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