Peterborough Casino Says No Mask, No Entry

By Ben Hamill - October 01 2020

Peterborough Casino Says No Mask, No Entry

Ontario’s Shorelines Casino Peterborough isn’t making light of the province’s reopening health and safety guidelines. Earlier this week the casino reportedly refused two customers entry to its premises because of the fact that neither of them were wearing face masks upon their arrival.

This week marked an important week for Ontario’s 11 casinos and gaming venues as operators were on Monday after a nearly 7 months-long closure permitted to reopen for business. Strict mandatory health and safety guidelines are however in place – with all operators expected by law to adhere to local reopening rules and regulations.

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Brothers Suffer from Emphysema

The players on September 28 denied entry to the popular gaming establishment have in the meantime been identified as brothers Ronald and Robert Reynolds. According to a spokesperson for Shorelines Casino Peterborough, neither of the men were wearing protective face masks upon their arrival at the gaming establishment’s entrance. The reason provided by the Reynolds brothers was that they both suffered from emphysema – a pulmonary disease that causes the sufferer to experience bouts of shortness of breath.

According to Ronald Reynolds, he in particular not only suffers from the debilitating disease, but also has only one lung, which in his case necessitates the daily use of an oxygen tank. The wearing of any form of covering over the face would according to the brothers have exacerbated the symptoms of the disease.

Ronald Reynolds apparently also claimed that due to the severity of the disease, his brother Robert only had a year left to live. The pair had merely wanted to enjoy an evening of gambling fun at Shorelines Casino Peterborough, whilst spending quality time together during what may very well turn out to be Robert Reynolds’ final days alive.

Rights Vs Responsible Actions

The issue at hand is contentious because of the fact that Peterborough Public Health had reportedly exempted individuals suffering from certain conditions – including respiratory diseases – from having to wear a mask when spending time indoors.

The gaming establishment however argues that it acted well within its rights to still deny anyone not wearing a face mask access to its premises. Face masks are mandatory as they help ensure the health and safety not only of customers but also of employees, said the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation-operated gaming establishment.

The brothers Reynolds have in meantime made known their intention of defending their medical positions along with their individual rights to gamble.

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