Woodbine Rolls Out Dilawri Valet Service

By Ben Hamill - November 28 2019

Toronto’s Woodbine Entertainment is out on the trot at making the venue not only more attractive to new visitors, but also more comfortable to existing customers. It’s well accepted that folks tend to stick around at where they feel appreciated; where businesses are in the habit of going the extra mile. Woodbine Racetrack fits the bill to a tee and recently added yet another reason to the substantial list of reasons as to why the Toronto venue is the place to be spending your hard-earned buck. Customers visiting the racetrack and on-site Casino Woodbine can now enjoy a premium valet service offered by valet specialist company the Dilawri Group.

The service has been rolled out at Woodbine Mohawk Park as well as at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto and will soon make available some 140,000 guaranteed parking spots to visitors every year. This includes a premium on-site waiting lounge able to service the actual tracks as well as customers getting their gaming fix at the casino.

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A Cushiony Wait

Once complete, the premium lounge, which is situated at Gate 10, will span some 640 square feet in luxurious and quality relaxation and entertainment space. In addition to the soft and premium seats in the waiting lounge, there will also be incorporated premium entertainment for those waiting to be reunited with their vehicles. The cold winter months pose a problem to customers having to wait on their cars, but now that they no longer have to stand around in the icy cold, even collecting a ride becomes a much more pleasant experience.

Better even yet is the fact that the Dilawri valet service will be a hoot to order, as customers are now able to access and order the service from their mobile phones by making use of a special app. The app will allow customers to do everything from ordering their car to making payments to tracking the amount of time remaining before their vehicle arrives on the ready for them to simply hop in and drive off.

Supporting The Stars Of The Show

Woodbine is also doing its bit for the sustainability of thoroughbred horse racing by supporting the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society. Woodbine CEO Jim Lawson recently announced a special campaign whereby he has undertaken to match every donation made online to the society via Woodbine Entertainment’s homepage from now up until December 31st.

The Woodbine brand is all about taking care of its horses and taking care of its own and Woodbine Entertainment certainly is going the distance for its loyal customer base.

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