Bruce Buffer Named Twin Casino Ambassador

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2020

Bruce Buffer Named Twin Casino Ambassador

Bruce Buffer is no stranger to the world of broadcasting, entertainment and live events. The man dubbed the “Voice of Mixed Martial Arts” would not have spent the past 24 years announcing Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events if this had been the case.

But other than sports broadcasting, Buffer also has a keen interest in the world of slots and Poker – and is in fact a regular player on the Poker scene. What’s more, he even created his very own slot machine, It’s Time!, by now a smash hit on the online casino scene. And as if all of that hasn’t and isn’t keeping him occupied enough, he’s just been named the newest ambassador of prominent online casino operator Twin Casino.

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Buffer’s A Well-Known Voice

By adding Buffer’s to their collective big-brand iGaming voice, the guys at Twin are without a doubt importing a huge boost right along with that voice. Buffer is a well-known figure in just about every sports sub-sector and entertainment brand known to man. His energy will undoubtedly at Twin continue to draw the same attention that it did at shows like UFC 142 in Brazil, during which show more than 23 million viewers tuned in to listen to his voice telling them where the action was at.

And his is a package deal Twin Casino management is well aware of in terms of sheer brand value. So much so, that according to Twin Chief Marketing Officer Rui Barroso, the Twin team could not be more ecstatic at having secured Buffer as part of the brand’s league of ambassadors even if it tried. Buffer can be counted on to reflect and continue those same big-brand qualities that first turned Twin Casino into the giant industry role-player it is today, said Barroso, and Twin Casino cannot even conceive of an industry name better placed or equipped to cross-market represent the brand as powerfully as Buffer is capable and likely of doing. 

The Twin Story So Far

The Twin brand first exploded onto the online gaming scene in 2017, and from its very first day in the arena sought tirelessly for new ways in which to offer to iGaming enthusiasts an entirely new and different variety of online gaming platform.

The entertainment Twin planned to offer to online players was going to be different, clear-cut (no hidden frills and conditions), and most of all, a reliable form of online gaming entertainment.

Twin even launched its very own in-house developed slot game in July last year. And it has been adding additional thrilling titles to Banana Odyssey ever since.

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