Microgaming’s Classic New Take On Roulette

By Ben Hamill - April 01 2019

Microgaming Releases New 3D Roulette Game

Microgaming has issued an official press release on the software giant’s website to announce the launch of the first game in what it refers to as a new generation of table games. The title is unpretentious, and class is obviously what Microgaming had commissioned independent developers Switch Studios to bring to the table. Roulette was shown off for the first time at SIGMA 2018, where the full scope of its style and class was presented to a record number of attendees who had stopped by at Microgaming’s stand.

Microgaming describes the simply titled ‘Roulette’ as the ultimate iGaming experience now available to online audiences. The game is designed to display in full 3D, and according to the developer, the main aim was to create a product that really mimicked the actual gaming experience. The ball and wheel behaves in the same way was would an actual Roulette wheel at a casino.

Everything has been done to ensure that the game presents a real-life interactive feel to the player and what’s more, the new release is fully compatible with mobile devices too.

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True To Life Entertainment

Bets can be placed effortlessly and no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the mobile experience doesn’t come over as second best. Thanks to mobile mobility, there’s no need to leave Roulette at home and the developer has stressed the fact that this was a recurring theme when the game was in the process of being created.

Roulette is very much a classic casino game that has been re-thought and re-imagined. True-to-life ball behaviour really does add a touch of real-life excitement and it’s not difficult to imagine being engrossed in a fun evening out instead of playing online. Developers are becoming increasingly more focused on creating a true experience for online players and this has proved very popular with the global community.

Save That Style

Roulette was created on a new engine that allowed the developers to incorporate multiple special functions and bet options. The special racetrack feature really hits the ball all the way home and thanks to the nifty tracking function, players are able to not only view their own betting history, but also to customise the interface at their leisure.

Preferred betting options and a number of special bets may be added to an instant-access saved list of preferences. This means that players can repeatedly access the saved list, even in between log-ins.

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