Habanero Launches New Jackpot Race System

By Ben Hamill - March 08 2019

Habanero lance un nouveau système de course de gros lot

Whether or not running a race appeals to you, you’ll certainly want in on this particular one! Games developer Habanero has just announced their newest innovation: the brand new Jackpot Race System. It’s a race against the clock, and it’s tied to tournament races. When playing slots tournament, more than one player competes at any given time. And this is exactly how it’s going to work with Habanero’s new game.

The jackpot will accumulate up to a certain value. Once that value has been reached, the clock will start to tick. From this point onwards, whoever remains as a participant in the tournament, will officially now start competing with the clock. The aim is that the jackpot must be won before the time runs out. And when it is won, all of the remaining participants in the tournament share in the spoils. The size of the individual payouts is determined by the size of the total prize pool.

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Running Towards The Money

But perhaps best of all is the fact that Habanero’s Jackpot Race System is fully customizable and compatible with most contemporary slots. Operators are always looking for new ways to bring superb new offerings to their players, and as far as slot tournaments go, we can hardly think of incorporating anything more exciting than a race towards the money!

In addition to the choice of games, operators are also at liberty to make a decision about the length of the promotion, the size of the prize pool and the minimum bet requirements for competing in a Jackpot Race.

Casino operators tend to gravitate towards tools and games that are both able to be optimized, as well as customizable. This is because, interesting as it is to note, the wants and the needs of players tend to change from one region to the next. It’s good to be able to latch on to a product or service that can be tweaked as the need arises.

Up To Six Games Can Be Included

During the course of each slots tournament, operators will be at leisure to select up to 6 different games. Furthermore, the Jackpot Race System can be pre-set to activate at a specific time, for example at 8pm on a Friday evening. The tournament will then run for 3 hours, with the jackpot accumulating all the way as the evening progresses.

Habanero has this time round come up with just about the next best thing on the other side of the Internet itself!

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