Cascades Casino Construction Nearly Complete

By Ben Hamill - February 12 2020

Cascades Casino Construction Nearly Complete

The word is out and everyone’s excited. Gateway’s Cascades Casino North Bay is at long last ready for a grand opening this summer. This is a venue that has been a very long time coming, with first ground broken as far back as May last year. The expectation is that some 25 weeks now remain until construction is finally declared done and dusted. This means that Cascades Casino North Bay will in all likelihood open for business right on time for the bustling summer season.

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But gaming excitement aside, the new Cascades Casino North Bay will offer to local residents much more than just superior casino gaming entertainment. The local job market is arguably the largest beneficiary across the board, what with at least 300 new jobs having been created with everything from gaming to conference facilities to family-friendly entertainment planned for Gateway’s newest venue.

Job Fairs To Follow Soon

The coming months are expected to bring about numerous job fairs aimed at procuring a full-function casino and entertainment workforce capable of helping North Bay’s pride and joy reach the highest rung. A host of job opportunities will soon be up for grabs, including technical staff, casino floor staff, restaurant managers, servers and back-of-house personnel, cleaning staff, security experts, and more.

Staff will mostly consist of local North Bay residents so as to create a proper balance within the local job market in relation to the new casino and entertainment complex. All members staff will be obligated to pass through a relevant training regime once hired by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. This not only serves the purpose of meaningful employment but also benefits all those to have passed through training once personal and workforce development has been declared complete.

Training Will Benefit Staff

Staff recruitment processes are expected to commence soon, which practically speaking implies that future Cascades Casino North Bay staff will months from now have been the first people to have engaged with the “finished product”.

Training is expected to last about 6 weeks on average and once complete, members of staff will be fully equipped to deal with any conceivable contingency within their chosen field of expertise or activity. The aim is to prepare staff members to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of Cascades Casino North Bay’s future league of players and guests.

The community of North Bay is in for a royal treat by any standard. Cascades Casino North Bay is expected to finally open its doors to the public during the month of July.

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