Stellar US Launch Of Aristocrat’s EDGE X

By Ben Hamill - July 09 2019

Stellar US Launch Of Aristocrat’s EDGE X

Exciting times await as more and more US casino patrons make the happy discovery that Aristocrat’s new EDGE X cabinet is now an instalment in gambling venues all over the country. The Las Vegas-based entertainment giant describes the EDGE X as a “premium icon of entertainment” a view no doubt already held by many players.

And really, the new cabinet is nothing short of a casino gaming masterpiece. It’s a top-tech piece of gaming hardware featuring two horizontally stacked 43” curved LCD panoramic display screens. What’s more, the screens are 4K ready, and are perfectly complemented by the superb sound installation and virtual button panel bench display.

EDGE X truly is a celebration of gaming cabinet technology designed by the world’s best.

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Prime Initial Game Selection

The first two games launched for the cabinet were carefully selected as a special tag-team offering. These are Madonna and FarmVille. And if the latter sounds familiar, that’s because the game is based on the popular Zynga owned and developed social media game that goes by the same name. The social media version of the game was launched by Zynga back in 2009 and today enjoys the support of millions of social media users worldwide.

FarmVille is an agriculture simulation and bases its premise on players interacting with farm animals and the joys of farm-life and interacting with farm animal livestock. The slot version of FarmVille has been developed especially for the cabinet. In terms of the foreseeable future at least, players will only be able to access the game from the EDGE X.

Material Girl Magic

Madonna is, as the game’s name suggests, based on the life and music of the iconic Material Girl. The artist and her music continues to captivate the world. The music remains as awe-inspiring as ever before and the theme is perfectly complemented by the workings of the new cabinet. Players are bound to really enjoy Aristocrat’s unique presentation of the game.

Aristocrat also presented another one of its award-winning cabinets at the recent Peru Gaming show. The show took place on 19 and 20 June in Lima and Aristocrat’s hardware proved highly popular among attendees. The cabinet on show was the Mighty Cash Big Money cabinet, housed perfectly in Aristocrat’s proprietary Helix Tower.

Aristocrat continues to make waves in the global gaming world with its superb cabinet-based gaming technology.

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