All-In Diversity Project Launches 2nd Survey

By Ben Hamill - September 04 2019

All-In Diversity Project Launches 2nd Survey

The All-In Diversity Project has called on iGaming and casino businesses all over the world to participate in its second annual survey. The survey’s results will be used by the project to create its All-Index report. The report is available to any entity involved in any way in the global betting, gambling and gaming industry, and serves as a measuring stick for benchmarking the progress that has been made in the industry specifically with regards to creating a culture of inclusivity and celebration of diversity in the workplace.

The essence of the project is that even though we may not all be the same, we are each unique and to be celebrated as individuals. The project enjoyed enormous support during its initial year in existence and even more so during the second year. So much so that its membership tally has increased from 25 during the first year to more than 50 during the second.

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The Big Names Have Signed On

As was mentioned previously, the index and project are open and available to everyone in the industry. It seeks to promote not only a celebration of diversity as opposed to the shunning or ignorance of differences, but also a culture of equality and inclusion in the workplace.

The survey presents participants with only 45 questions and is quick to and easy to complete. Operators, casino owners, suppliers, regulators; everyone who is anyone involved in the industry is invited to participate and contribute towards the greater good and enormously important spirit of the project.

Some big names have already signed on and are fully on board. These include Playtech, Betfair, Paddy Power, Red Tiger Gaming, and many more.

The Need For A Benchmark

Project co-founder Kelly Kehn explains that the All-In Diversity Project has at its core the goal of becoming the industry information standard in all things relating to equality, diversity, inclusion and unconditional acceptance in the workplace.

Kehn said that the best way to gain a proper understanding of what is currently happening in the industry’s global workplace is by accumulating and analysing the relevant data relating to the various elements at play. In order to effectively measure year-on-year progress, said Kehn, its necessary to establish some sort of benchmark for comparison. The project endeavours to become exactly that for the gambling and betting industry.

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