NetEnt Threatens To Sue Play ‘n GO Over Stolen Slot

By Ben Hamill - March 28 2019

NetEnt Threatens To Sue Play ‘n GO Over Stolen Slot

An original idea is worth its weight in gold. But by the same logic, copying another’s idea for failure to come up with your own, or even to try and scout some of the support enjoyed by a similar product, is widely frowned upon. After all, there’s a reason for copyrights and laws governing the ownership of intellectual property.

Someone should have mentioned this to the team at Play ‘n GO because thanks to a bunch of undeniable and uncanny similarities with NetEnt’s iconic Starburst slot, which has been around since 2012, the developer has been forced to pull its Starblast online video slot from the market. Failing which NetEnt has vowed immediate action for copyright infringement.

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Fore-Warned Was Where It Stopped

The really concerning bit is that even before the official release of Play ‘n GO’s Starblast, industry experts were warning about the many similarities, with even the name being a little bit too close for comfort.

Play ‘n GO however, brazenly pushed on, failing to heed the warnings of many that the game would eventually be flagged as being a dead ringer of an existing slot game. Which of course, it now has. One has to wonder at the developer’s resolve to continue with the initial launch. Was it a case of turning a blind eye and hoping for the best, or worse yet, did no one at Play ‘n GO recognise the many similarities?

But that having been said, when the issue initially hit player discussion boards, a number of players pointed out that NetEnt should have swept its own porch first, because it too had in the past been guilty of copy-catting. Starburst, according to many players, is a little too similar to Novomatic’s Power Stars, which was released back in 2008; four years before NetEnt’s game saw the light.

Much To Be Said For Originality

All things considered however, two wrongs certainly don’t make a right, and it’s probably for the best that Play ‘n GO was forced to retract its own version of the outer-space gemtopia-style idea, lest a culture of intellectual thievery is let loose on an industry where success very much relies on fresh and creative ideas, i.e. original ideas.

It’s back to the drawing board for Play ‘n GO. Judging by its many brilliant prior creations, it should not be too hard for the award-winning developer to come up with its own idea for a new game rather than try to build on the success of another’s product.

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