NeoPollard Named Alberta iGaming Partner

By Ben Hamill - July 02 2020

NeoPollard Named Alberta iGaming Partner

Exciting news making headlines this week is that Lotteries ticketing solutions provider, online gaming platform and technology provider NeoPollard Interactive has secured a significant new partnership with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. NeoPollard, which is a division of Pollard Banknote, will according to the provisions of the deal, for the next seven years act as the official online gaming partner to the province.

Alberta already at the beginning of the year indicated a keen interest in offering online gaming entertainment to the province and its people. And it’s an interest that, following recent in-person gaming developments, has now become a priority.

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Long Time In The Pipeline

It’s a process that’s been coming for months. Alberta’s Gaming Commission already last year gave issued the official bid invitation to interested online gaming service providers. In the end it would be NeoPollard Interactive that would end up meeting all of the requirements as outlined by the Commission as part of the bidding process.

Pollard Banknote is a long-time partner to many Canadian Crown corporations, but this will be the first time that subsidiary NeoPollard will be joining forces with a Canadian provincial partner. It previously operated mostly on US soil only and is the official online gaming partner to several US states, including Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

Pollard Banknote, on the other hand, is a valued and trusted partner ticket printing partner to the British Columbia Lottery Corp, the OLG, Loto-Québec, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

A Safe And Secure Alternative

NeoPollard focuses specifically on the development and running of online gaming platforms. As such, Alberta’s online gaming platform is expected to be advanced and supported by the latest cutting-edge technology. What this means is that Alberta residents 18 years and older will soon be able to enjoy the pleasures of online gaming entertainment in a safe and responsible manner.

The platform will make use of a connected age verification tool for the purpose of establishing the age of majority among interested players. It will furthermore include advanced player protection tools and measures that will aim to support players in such a way that the development of an unhealthy relationship with gambling is prevented as far as possible.

Regulated online gaming being made available to Alberta residents is critical in the fight against black market operators. The absence of a legal alternative doesn’t stop individuals from access online gambling products, but instead drives them toward making use of unprotected foreign operator sites for the fulfilment of their entertainment needs.

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