Two More Canadian Casinos Sign Up With Passport Technology

By Ben Hamill - July 18 2020

Two More Canadian Casinos Sign Up With Passport Technology

Two more Canadian casino properties have now partnered with cash solutions provider Passport Technology in an attempt to streamline their cash responses in management structures in a way that is safe and compliant with current limited-contact health regulations and policies. Cash Casino Calgary and Red Deer both recently signed up with the cash services and technology provider, and both will be making use of Passport Technology’s new ACM Own cash-solutions product.

ACM Owl will allow the mentioned venues to administrate the cash-flow to their respective casino floors in such a way that social responsibility and physical distancing guidelines are fully adhered to. The product is described as secure and robust, and in compliance with all the relevant regulations associated with the ongoing global health quandary.

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Premium Cash Management

Kurt Sullivan of Passport Technology has in the meantime commented on the deal with the two mentioned casinos, expressing his and the supplier’s excitement at the opportunity of linking up with two more gambling businesses committed to run their operations in a financially and socially responsible way.

Sullivan described Passport Tech’s range of services and products as premium and capable of delivering funds to the casino floor in a safe, maximised and professionally efficient manner. Sullivan said the Passport team is looking forward to serving Alberta’s patrons by providing them with the best possible product developed from many years of industry-specific experience.

Passport Technology as it is already provide several U.S. and Canada-based casinos with cash solutions technology. Products supplied to casinos in the United States and Canada to date include CashValet, POSpod, and now also ACM Owl.

Empowering Tech Solutions

Passport Technology’s proprietary products make use of a range of tailor-made hardware installations that are equipped with cloud-based software applications for the management of funds and reporting on casino floors.

Not only do the systems manage the flow of funds, but the applications include several uses related to the approval of released amounts, real-time business reporting, the issuing of free-play game credits, and the real-time management of self-exclusion options and player-programmes.

Passport furthermore also provides to operators a complete regulatory compliance system. This relates specifically to cash compliance, i.e. the regulated control of money flowing in and out of the casino. Systems such as those provided by Passport provide operators with regulatory peace of mind over a series of day-to-day financial operations and administrative challenges. Compliance systems are able to pick up on anything from money laundering to irresponsible player behaviour.

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