Cascades Casino North Bay On Further Hold

By Ben Hamill - April 29 2020

Cascades Casino North Bay On Further Hold

Since the construction of a new casino complex isn’t considered a service humanity can’t do without (although die-hard gaming enthusiasts would disagree!), operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment will have to wait a while longer yet before being in a position to proudly look upon a finished Cascades Casino North Bay. Since limited construction works only are currently authorised to continue and relating to specific buildings and projects deemed absolutely necessary in order to keep the economy and especially health services ticking over, Gateway has had to recently announce a change in the expected timeline until finalisation of construction.

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According to Gateway Casinos Entertainment Director of Communications and Public Affairs Rob Mitchell, the North Bay Cascades Casino project is now on indefinite hold. No definite timeline is at this point in time in the works as the current dilemma faced by the global economy isn’t a challenge regularly dealt with. In fact, businesses all over the world currently have no other option but to adopt a policy of trial and error, as completely unprecedented times continue to prevail.

The Problem Isn’t Unique

Mitchell also emphasised the fact that the situation requiring navigation by Gateway regarding its North Bay development is no isolated affair. Construction projects, and in fact new casino construction projects all across Canada are currently all facing similar situations. Proceeding with caution and being adaptable to an ever-changing dynamic is pretty much at the order of the day just about everywhere.

Projections are obviously subject to circumstances that are currently changing on a near-weekly basis. Mitchell has said that as far as Gateway’s new North Bay casino goes, the next date scheduled for an official re-evaluation of the timeline and construction process, is May 6.

A World On Hold

The unforeseen circumstances are obviously far from ideal. Gateway has set aside an amount of CA$31 million for the construction of its new North Bay casino, and this is money no longer in the bank. The casino in question was supposed to have neared completion somewhere around May/June this year, but the operator as well as future visitors and customers will now have to wait an indeterminate period of time for the entertainment complex to officially welcome its first guests.

This necessarily means that the at least 300 individuals already in line for employment opportunities as a result of the new casino will have to patiently wait their turn too. Once complete and in full operation, the new casino is expected to deliver an annual CA$2 million boost to local North Bay city coffers each year. This too is for the moment hanging in the balance of a precariously ambiguous timeline.

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