Mohegan To Soon Release Q3 Performance

By Ben Hamill - August 02 2019

Mohegan To Soon Release Q3 Performance

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment is a tribal operator force to be reckoned with. The operator owns and manages various US casino venues and properties and more recently, ventured over the border and into Ontario. Mohegan has been going at it full force this year, expanding and growing and working towards the general good of the group.

But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And the “pudding” is in this instance to be found in the financial figures that will soon be released by means of a global conference call. August 8 is D-Day for the operator as it prepares to release its financial statements for Q3 to the world. But regular financial reporting is by no means a bad or a negative thing. This type of regular and trustworthy behaviour inspires investor-confidence, among many other things.

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Against The Grain Is Good

Tribal operators are often accused of not playing ball and considering themselves to be beyond the reach of the arm of the law. But Mohegan has proved itself to be different and unconventional in this particular regard, in a really good way of course.

Transparency in business if of utmost importance, and especially critical whenever an operator wants to expand further in any given region, which will most definitely be the case when talking Ontario. The province is a booming landscape of games and entertainment and the tribal operator will without a doubt want to get off on the right foot.

Information For Everyone

But more than just inciting investor confidence, payday revelations go a long way towards our being able to determine what is what in the industry at any given time. The figures tell a story and its only but a matter of learning how to interpret them. Financials reveal general fiscal health and is also well capable of pinpointing target problem areas.

To this end, it’s in the best interest of everyone involved that Mohegan should make publicly known the details of its performance. By doing this, the operator issues a special invitation of sorts, and one that invites all prospective role-players and industry individuals to come to the party, observe and also to have their say.

The operator has since first announcement made available the telephone numbers to be dialled if interested in joining the August 8 conference call. Those not able to tune in will be at leisure to access the relevant information on the tribal operator’s home page.

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