Park MGM To Reopen Fully Smoke-Free

By Ben Hamill - September 18 2020

Park MGM To Reopen Fully Smoke-Free

Park MGM, along with in-house boutique hotel NoMad Las Vegas, will eventually reopen their doors to the public on September 30, MGM Resorts International has now confirmed. What’s more, said MGM via a social media tweet, once open, Park MGM will have become the first-ever completely smoke-free casino resort on the storied Las Vegas Strip.

The last MGM property to re-open, Park MGM has been closed ever since mid-March, with a brand-new homepage slogan now reading Let’s Clear the Air: Park MGM is smoke-free.

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Guests Want Smoke-Free Casino

The decision to go fully smoke-free is according to MGM Resorts’ Las Vegas Portfolio President Anton Nikodemus a response to what has proved to be a recurring guest demand for a smoke-free casino venue on the famous Strip. A non-smoking casino, explained Nikodemus, has been a recurring theme, and an opportunity successfully identified by MGM as it looked toward an imminent reopening of the famous casino and hotel.

And according to historians, the fact that Las Vegas casinos have all throughout the history of Vegas been pretty much synonymous with smoking on casino floors, makes of Park MGM’s announcement a big deal. It’s in fact in many respects a mark of the times, said historian David G. Schwartz in response to the announcement on Twitter, as it indicates the industry to be evolving in terms of its position on smoking.

Previous attempts to roll out smoke-free gaming floors have only ever been approached on a significantly smaller scale, added gaming industry journalist Howard Stutz. According to him, there’s no time like the present for MGM to be going smoke-free as it acts in compliance with government and health authority guidelines. And even though he says he expects fierce blowback from smokers and groups advocating the rights of smokers, he deems the new smoke-free Park MGM policy to be here to stay for the long haul.

MGM Committed To Vegas

In addition to acting in compliance with those rules laid down by Nevada’s public health authorities, Park MGM has confirmed that it will also be implementing MGM Resorts’ own Seven-Point Safety Plan.

Designed specifically with health and safety compliance in mind, MGM’s set of protocols and procedures will aim to help curb the spread of infections in the state. Since visitor traffic to Las Vegas was 61 per cent lower year-on-year in July, the city’s survival depends on the abilities of big-name operators such as MGM Resorts to mitigate the spread of new cases.

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