MGM Resorts Voted Top US Employer

By Ben Hamill - May 01 2019

MGM Group Voted One Of Americas Best Employers

Casino giant MGM Resorts International is one of America’s best employers to work for. This according to a recent report released by Forbes magazine, following a survey conducted in partnership with research specialist firm Statista. According to the results of the survey, 50,000 employees across 25 different industries were independently questioned, and MGM emerged 18th out of a total of 500 organisations included in the study.

Moreover, the MGM group came out on top in terms of the gaming and entertainment industry, kicking dust in the faces of industry giants such as Marriott International, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and even he prestigious Hilton Hotels group.

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No Employers Were Involved

Employees were scouted online and asked to participate anonymously in the survey, in the essence of brutal honesty. Employers therefore had no hand in the employee participation selection process. Free and fair was at the order of the day and employees were urged to speak freely and honestly. In addition to having been requested to rate employers on a scale of 1 to 10, employees were also questioned about various issues and working conditions, for example salaries, potential for growth and general development, company image, etc.

At no point were participants required to reveal any details about themselves that might have compromised their anonymity in any way. The survey’s outcome echoed a prior study that was performed earlier this month when the Human Rights Campaign Foundation nominated MGM as one of the top places to work for when considering LGBTQ rights and levels of equality.

Employees Are Assets, Says MGM

According to MGM’s Chief Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Officer Phyllis James, the results revealed by the survey don’t exactly come as a surprise. James said that the casino group realised the value of its greatest assets; its human assets. He also pointed out that MGM was a customer-facing business through and through, and that in order to make that work, the group knew that it had to look after the direct contact between it and its customers: its employees.

James said that a major deciding factor when it came to MGM’s levels of overall success, was the overall guest experience. Employees are the people making those experiences happen, said James, and making those experiences real and tangible.

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