MGM Named Top Disabled Talent Employer

By Ben Hamill - October 08 2019

MGM Resorts International has been officially recognised as a leading employer of people living with disabilities. The National Organisation on Disability (NOD) has named the casino giant to be one of the 59 organisations honoured for “exemplary disability hiring and employment practices”.

The MGM Group is very proud of being recognised as such and considers the NOD recognition to be an honour and top-notch recognition, said the casino giant’s Vice President of Community Engagement, Tony Gladney. The VP said that the naming of the group as a top disability employer could not have come at a more appropriate and even celebratory time as October just to happens to be National Disability Employer Awareness month.

Gladney said that the recognition by NOD represents to the casino group a special reward in the way that it proclaims that all of the efforts on the part of MGM in an attempt to create equal job opportunities in the workplace over the course of the past 20 years have by no means gone unnoticed.

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Leading By Example

The NOD Leading Disability Seal is this year in its 4th year of existence and seeks to not only pay due recognition to those willing to go the extra mile, but also to inspire others to do the same. By recognising commendable employment practices of those living with disabilities, companies like MGM are setting a practical example for others in all manners of global industries.

The benefits of hiring disabled talent truly outweigh the extra effort required in terms of personal development and creating an overall disabled-friendly workforce. Companies who, like MGM, have embraced the hiring of disabled members of the workforce, have been reaping major rewards in terms of workforce engagement and creating a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion, the benefits of both being substantial.

The Benefits Are Endless

NOD Chairman Governor Tom Ridge says that the benefits extend all the way into the creation of a more productive workforce. Only those willing to risk it will ever know first-hand the many positives associated with employing a disabled workforce.

Ridge said that the challenge has always been the inclusion of disabled talent in the workplace in such a manner that those employees enjoy equal opportunities in terms of everything from personal involvement to earnings. The chairman concluded by saying that MGM’s commitment to the cause is nothing short of commendable and that the levels of leadership and commitment within the organisation’s ranks should be considered an exemplary industry standard and emulated by others.

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