Woodbine Prepares To Celebrate Melmich

By Ben Hamill - September 06 2019

Woodbine Prepares To Celebrate Melmich

Elgin Stakes racehorse champion Melmich is officially retiring on September 14th. The thoroughbred, now 8 years of age, is ready to embrace the joys of the retiring after a very successful professional career on the tracks.

Melmich will be saying his farewell to the industry at Woodbine Racetrack and hopes to create a day of enjoyment and celebration for his fans of many years. Woodbine is a popular race location and one that is especially popular among the members of Toronto’s local horse racing community. It would be a daunting task to find a more befitting venue for Melmich’s grand exit.

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46 Starts And Incredible Wins

Melmich has achieved a lot during his career and has 46 starts to his name. He managed to generate race winnings to the tune of an impressive CA$1,388,331 for owners Stephen Chesney and Cory Hoffman. Needless to say, Chesney and Hoffman are exceptionally pleased by what Melmich has managed to achieve throughout his successful career, as is trainer Kevin Attard.

The champion is now deserving of a comfortable retirement and will after the upcoming farewell be making his way over to Ontario’s LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society’s farm. He will reside at the Hillsburgh location only temporary and horse lovers interested in adopting Melmich will be able to lodge the necessary applications soon. LongRun offers to retired horses the perfect opportunity to rest and recuperate after many years of hard training and being pushed to athletic-style limits, before moving on to their forever homes where they are then able to enjoy a more relaxed existence.

His Rise To Fame And Glory

Melmich has been running the good race throughout his career but managed to rack up some pretty impressive wins since around about 2015. He made name by staking his claim to no fewer than 3 Elgin Stakes wins and also performed equally impressive in the Grade 3 Seagram and Grade 3 Durham Cups in 2017. The Grade 3 Dominium Day also counts among his stellar career successes.

A long and successful career now behind him, he leaves behind a legacy worthy of emulation. Others would do well to follow a similar approach as that propagated by Melmich’s renowned trainer. Trainer Kevin Attard believes in hard work but also in equally “hard” rest. Thanks to Attard, Melmich is now able to enjoy his retirement years in perfectly good health.

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