Mega Fortune Dreams Second Big 2019 Win

By Ben Hamill - March 26 2019

Mega Fortune Dreams

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams is off to a great start for the year. The developer’s flagship progressive jackpot online slot recently paid out a dream win of €4,333,667 (approx. CA$6596762,76) to a very lucky 65-year old player. This may represent the largest Mega Fortune Dreams payout for 2019 so far, but it isn’t the first time that the slot has smiled upon a lucky player. The latest jackpot is the second huge payout this month, with €3.5 million having paid out earlier in March.

If massive jackpots were to be measured in terms of investments and profits, the player saw a return worth writing home about. A €4 spin on the game’s reels turned into a giant-sized and life changer of a win.

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No-Limit Wins

The secret to progressive slots isn’t as much the size of the bets placed, but rather the frequency at which bets are placed across the entire network. This is exactly why progressive jackpots pay much better than standard slots. Each time a player places a bet on any one of the games in specific network, all of the games in that network benefit from the proceeds of one single bet.

This is why slots such as Mega Fortune Dreams are so popular. Players often bemoan the fact that with ordinary slots, big wagers must be played in order to win big. What this often means, is that players who do not have access to a large bankroll or budget, will never win more than what their bet multiplied by the game’s jackpot multiplier is large.

Progressives afford equal opportunities to win to all players, irrespective of their financial means.

The More It Pays, The More It Grows

You know you’re onto something good when a game’s brand owner is as excited about a big win as the actual winner of the money. Henrik Fagerlund, Managing Director of NetEnt Malta, recently commented on the big win and said that the development team could not be happier that another life-changing fortune has been won.

Fagerlund also commented on the fact that the success of the franchise is largely thanks to the fact that players are always informed when the big wins do happen. This has a very positive spin-off effect as it entices players to go back to play again and again, which in turn causes the jackpot to grow at a rapid speed.

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