Mayfair Casino Wants Saudi Sheikh To Pay

By Ben Hamill - May 31 2020

Mayfair Casino Wants Saudi Sheikh To Pay

Saudi business mogul and Sheikh Salah Hamdan Al Balawi, thought to be at least £100 million strong in liquefiable assets, has reportedly proved successful at convincing a UK High Court judge to suspend a freezing order applied to his assets following a series of unpaid cheques reported by Mayfair casino Les Ambassadeurs Club. The Sheikh reportedly owes the Mayfair casino at least £2 million in outstanding debt he now outright refuses to settle.

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The casino club applied for a freezing order to be applied to the Saudi businessman’s assets after it in or around September 2019 became apparent that the 52-year-old prominent Saudi business figure had no intention of settling his debt owing to the Mayfair operator. He reportedly disappeared off the casino’s radar shortly after his payments, made by means of cheques, were returned to the casino by the bank as having gone unpaid. It was at this point in time that the Mayfair venue had decided to apply for the freezing order regarding the Sheikh’s assets in an attempt to recover the outstanding monies owed to the operator.

Sheikh Relying On Illegal Angle

The assets freezing order was granted in favour of the casino in February this year but has now been officially overturned by High Court Justice Freedman, who explained that he had based his decision on an argument filed by the Sheikh, which argument claims that he does not rightfully owe Mayfair any money due to the illegal nature of the casino’s actions. Extending the variety of debt owed by the businessman to any player is according to UK gambling laws, illegal, therefore rendering the credit issued to the Saudi Sheikh unlawful and qualifying as illegal gambling.

The court during the overturn-proceedings heard how the Sheikh had since having started playing at the Mayfair casino, purchased some £14 million in casino ships, of which he had apparently lost chips tot the value of £5 million – this all over a time period spanning 1993 to 2019.

Court Dispute Remains Ongoing

The Sheikh has since stood his ground over his supposed ongoing availability, claiming that he had not ‘disappeared’ in an attempt to avoid being contacted by the Mayfair operator. The casino in the meantime is refusing to simply let the dispute and the monies owing go and has argued against the unfreezing of the Sheikh’s assets, saying that since the businessman had in the meantime returned to Saudi Arabia, his actions had rendered the casino completely incapable of recovering its money.

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