Mars Project Gears up to Find Flow Activities for Long Flight

By Ben Hamill - February 26 2017

All Slots Mars

Dr. Yanito Freminoshi, the Lead Scientist for the All Slots Casino Mars Project, said that in addition to the challenging technological challenge of getting humans to Mars, "…the biggest obstacle to reaching Mars is having people stay sane on that mind-boggling 7-14 month [trip]."

It is certainly newsworthy that the aspect of human comfort on the long flight has attracted the attention of the project's lead scientist. The long hours are one obstacle but any interesting activity must be designed to take into account that it would be performed at zero gravity.

Mars orbiterDr. Freminoshi suggests that gambling may be able to help pass the time and maintain the passengers' sanity. He is realistic enough to state that he doesn't know if gambling whilst travelling in space can alleviate the stress of boredom and, if so, how much gambling can help.

The project as a whole still has a long way to go until it can actually begin to take people to Mars so the team headed by Dr. Freminoshi has some time with which to study gambling as well as other ways to pass the long hours in space.

Surely, no single activity will suffice to help pass the time and relieve the inevitable moments of boredom.

It may be well-known to some of our readers that All Slots Casino is gunning to open the first Mars casino. That casino will become realistic when space travel becomes as commonplace as trans-oceanic travel is today. There was, of course, a time when flying across the ocean was considered nothing more than a pipedream. The salient new element covered by the press release from the All Slots Casino Mars Project is that they are ready to study not just the feasibility of a Mars casino but also the feasibility of using gambling to help people get to the Mars-based casino.

The idea of playing roulette in space is not entirely new. A roulette wheel with a centrifugal force tumbler is already in the prototype stage. Players would float around in zero gravity placing bets with magnetic chips.

space rouletteCards in poker or blackjack would have to be magnetized or a different solution would have to be found for the weightlessness of space.

Similar drawbacks are apparent for such games as bingo, craps, and all table games. Monopoly money floating about might make that game difficult to play in space!

Dr. Freminoshi also emphasized that the project will be looking for activities that create a flow experience. Flow is a sensation that occurs when we are so engrossed in an activity that we lose track of time. It has long been known that land-based casino gamblers often lose track of time to such an extent that night becomes day and day becomes night.

This would indicate that Dr. Freminoshi is on the right track in isolating gambling as a possible flow activity to get passengers' minds off the time they are spending in space.

The press release did not mention any other activities that would be under consideration as flow activities nor did it discuss the full range of gambling activities. Gambling takes many forms. We would hope that the project would undertake a full review of all types of gambling in space and eliminate those that would not create the flow experience that the researchers are looking for to ease the stress of long travelling times. We see a lot of possibility for casino table games as they can be played by many travelers together. We're not sure of the usefulness of video slots or video poker as they are solitary games, possibly not suited for space. We are very wary of sports betting or lotteries as they are bets made long in advance of the actual event.

On the other hand, watching sports would be a flow activity if the commercials could be eliminated. Commercials are far more boring than the games themselves and would destroy any flow that had been created by the game itself.

zero-g rouletteAll in all, the idea that the scientists looking to solve the technological difficulties of going to Mars are also looking to solve the psychological difficulties of getting to Mars is a very encouraging sign. If you're interested in learning more about the project or in communicating with the research team, go to