VLT Win Turns Saskatchewan Man Millionaire

By Ben Hamill - September 15 2020

VLT Win Turns Saskatchewan Man Millionaire

When Saskatchewan-based video lottery terminals (VLTs) enthusiast Bob Heintz recently hit a jackpot win playing his favourite Vault Breaker progressive jackpot game, he initially thought he had won CA$1,000.

But that would only last until a fellow player seated behind him pointed out that Heintz had won not CA$1,000, but instead, a phenomenal CA$1,075,213.58. Thanks to the progressive jackpot VLT games offered by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation at venues such as Kipling Moto Inn, Bob Heintz is now an overnight millionaire.

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Easy Access – Huge Potential

VLTs such as the one played by the Manitoba-native are popular precisely because of their being readily available at restaurants and bars across several Canadian provinces. This means that players are able to give their favourite games a go whenever they feel like it - and in a relaxed atmosphere too.

Western Canada Lottery Corp.’s Vault Breaker VLT, especially, is a firm favourite among local Saskatchewan players. So much so that many players have been sticking to their favourite game for years on end – players each month responsible for growing the game’s grand jackpot bigger and bigger still. It just so happens to be Bob Heintz who this time round gets to celebrate a life forever changed for the better.

In fact, the recent big Vault Breaker win is Heintz’s first big VLT win ever. Which is probably why Saskatchewan’s newest millionaire failed to recognise at first that he had won the type of money that he did. And since it all happened in such an unexpected way, the lucky player says his new millionaire-status has yet to properly sink in.

VLTs Remain A Hit

VLTs have been offering to players a welcome alternative in the months-long absence of casinos and other gaming hotspots and Bingo halls. And since the gaming machines are located in easy-to-access restaurants and bars, they’re bound to remain as popular as ever before even when casinos do receive their reopening green lights from provincial health authorities.

There are at present an estimated 4,200 VLTs scattered across Manitoba province – all of which are connected to a progressive jackpot network. Several VLT progressive jackpots are in fact up for grabs, with the one preferred by Heinz paying out before such time as it reaches CA$1.5 million.

Another VLT-favourite is a regional one paying out a minimum of CA$5,000 – and typically one that falls before such time as it’s reached CA$25,000.

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