Insiders Say The Luxor’s Days Are Numbered

By Ben Hamill - June 30 2020

Insiders Say The Luxor’s Days Are Numbered

One of the highest buildings on the Last Vegas Strip at the time of its official opening in 1993, the Luxor Resort & Casino remains a sight to behold and is as Vegas as Vegas gets to be. It’s so much more than just another popular Sin City attraction, even boasting what is considered to be the brightest light on earth. Its iconic Sky Beam, a cord of light that pierces the night sky from the tip of the famous pyramid, is so bright that it can be seen by air travellers as far away as Los Angeles.

But if rumour has it correctly, the iconic Luxor may not be part of the Vegas Strip and iconic skyline for much longer. According to a prominent Las Vegas insider and social media personality, MGM Resorts has been wanting to demolish the famous resort and casino for at least half a decade. Previously stopped short only by powerful Las Vegas workers’ unions, the ongoing global health crisis may just have dealt MGM the perfect hand of cards for justifying a final Luxor check-out.

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Change Is Inevitable

Las Vegas has been moving steadily away from themed resorts and all-round family offerings, focusing more on adult entertainment and luxury accommodation. MGM in 2007 spent $300 million remodelling the iconic Luxor’s public areas to focus on adults instead of the original theme-park style environment.

In fact, the Luxor today looks nearly nothing like the Luxor MGM bought nearly 13 years ago. When the resort first opened, the focus was mainly on themed family-friendly entertainment, with a check-in process even involving a boat ride on an artificial river that stretched the distance between the check-in desk to the elevator riding toward the rooms. The idea of the artificial river-ride was incidentally abandoned some years later because of waiting times for the elevator having reached more than an hour due to the long delay caused by the exceptionally slow approach.

And the Luxor isn’t the only casino and resort “de-themed” by the casino giant. MGM’s Monte Carlo is no longer a swanky reminder of its Monaco desert Strip namesake but having been stripped of all traces of all cheesy imitations of existing themes, now resembles the type of stylish boutique hotel one would expect to see in New York or even Paris.

No Word From MGM

MGM hasn’t made any official announcement one way or the other regarding the future of the iconic Luxor. And so, for now at least, its fate remains unchanged. Only time will tell whether the Luxor’s legendary ghosts will continue to roam its passages and halls in the days and years to come.  

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