Loto-Québec Implement New Operating Curfews

By Ben Hamill - September 28 2020

Loto-Québec Implement New Operating Curfews

Crown corporation Loto-Québec recently announced in-depth details regarding several changes set to be implemented post-reopening in an attempt to more effectively safeguard those visiting its casinos and gaming halls – all six in total of which are located in Québec.

Working (trading) hours, especially, have been given a complete reconsideration and re-work, with the aim mainly on protecting guests and casino staff from falling victim to yet another wave of infections. Loto-Québec has historically counted itself among the most pro-active and flexible of all gaming pioneers in Canada, and from the most recent developments it is obvious that the Crown corporation intends on preserving its irreproachable reputation for being a leader in local gaming and entertainment.

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Curfews Rolled Out Province-Wide

The new opening times schedule will apply province wide. All Québec-based casinos and gaming venues will henceforth be permitted to trade only until the hour of midnight – and with the number of guests permitted to visit any location at any given time also now subject to restrictions. Said changes are already in force at both the Casino de Montreal as well as the Salon de Jeux de Québec. 

This is of course a major change as far as Loto-Québec’s Casino de Montreal is concerned. The popular casino previously welcomed guests all around the clock, with individuals having been free to try their luck playing their favourite games whenever they chose.

But this not only meant round-the-clock gaming for local gaming enthusiasts. Because of the historical always-open policy, the Casino de Montreal has historically been a significant financial supporter of host communities. The outflow of support is expected to be largely curbed until such time as the situation is practically able to return to a pre-crisis state.

VLT-Reopenings And More

As for additional changes now implemented, the sale of alcohol has also been affected. Effective September 21, alcohol sales were, and will in future be, only available until 11 p.m.

The time limitations now in force at Loto-Québec’s four casinos and 2 gaming venues are nothing new for video lottery terminals (VLTs) scattered at bars, restaurants, pubs, etc. across the province. VLTs were already on July 10 made subject to midnight-hour operating curfews.

Québec’s gaming scene has generally been subject to a gradual reopening process ever since Bingo halls across the province first received the reopening greenlight on July 3. VLTs followed soon after on July 7, and both Casino Charlevoix and Casino Mont-Tremblant only a few days later on July 16. Finally, July 23 and August 3 saw Casino Lac-Leamy and Casino Montreal open their respective doors to the playing public.

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