Loto-Quebec To Support AML Independent Audit

By Ben Hamill - December 29 2020

Loto-Quebec To Support AML Independent Audit

Crown corporation Loto-Quebec has pledged its full support and cooperation to a planned independent anti money-laundering and loansharking audit of its oversight of the province’s casinos. Announced by Quebec Minister of Finance Eric Girard, the decision to audit the local industry follows a series of allegations recently appeared in the mainstream media – and mostly related to organised crime and the laundering of dirty money at Loto-Quebec’s casinos.

According to follow-up media reports covering the potentially explosive story, the audit will investigate potential incidents of money laundering and other criminal activities. It will reportedly also involve an investigation into loyalty programs offered by Loto-Quebec’s gambling establishments.

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Loto-Quebec Denies Mafia Ties

According to a response statement issued by Loto-Quebec chairperson of its board of directors, Helene Fortin, the Crown Corporation’s board of directors has voiced its full collective support of a due and proper completion of the audit announced by provincial government and the minister. The entire organisation, continued Fortin, will give its full cooperation so as to ensure that efforts in support of best practices are sustained, maintained, and conducted with integrity.

One of the allegations raised involves perks allegedly extended to members of the mafia, and in particular a member by the name of Stefano Sollecito. Rumoured to have been one of the top ten customers at Casino de Montreal, Sollecito is allegedly one of several more organised crime leaders for whom the casino had rolled out the red carpet and special treatment.

Loto-Quebec has in the meantime responded to the claims made by a local Montreal news publication by denying all of the allegations related to financial corruption, money laundering, special treatment given to organised crime bosses, etc. Instead, claimed the Crown corporation, it has only ever worked with provincial stakeholders in the fight against money laundering – and at no point against those stakeholders.

A Corp Known For Best Practices

A statement issued by Lynne Roiter, president and chief executive officer of Crown corporation Loto-Quebec, claims that the organisation is known for continuously keeping abreast of “best practices”, and does so in the absolute interest of continues improvement and regulatory compliance.

Such best practises are effective at countering those methods used to further the personal agendas of organised crime units, which according to Roiter, are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced and concealed.

The corporation will not only ensure the full cooperation of all members of staff, said Roiter, but it will also accept, adopt, and apply any recommendations made by the independent audit committee at the close of the investigation.

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