Standardbred Horse Expo Returns To London

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2019

Standardbred Horse Expo Returns To London

Standard horse breeding enthusiasts are yet again invited to join in on the information sessions and networking opportunities on offer at the upcoming mid-October annual London Selected Yearling Sale. The sale is expected to completely transform the West Fair District; much in the same way as what it has been doing every year up until now. It’s the ideal opportunity for any horse racing enthusiast to attend information sessions presented on a variety of relevant topics as well as to rub shoulders with the best in the industry.

The OLG is again this year teaming up with Ontario Racing so as to ensure that the get-together is a huge success and those who plan on attending are in for a real treat with regards to everything on offer this time round.

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London Home Of Horses

The event will span over two days in October. London is well known for being home to many a Standardbred horse racing enthusiast and as such it really is the idea location for the world-class event. The event is also known to set the tone for future racing events and as such, it’s important for the proceedings to all run as smoothly as possible.

The OLG and Ontario Racing are two of the main sponsors of the annual event and have made it possible for various information sessions and workshops to be presented to attendees. The idea behind the event isn’t only to buy standardbred horses, but also to be informed about the latest developments in the industry and in the betting world so as to remain up to speed with everything that is happening and new.

Something For Everyone

In addition to valuable information on offer at the event, there will also be a variety of products made available to buy. A popular annual instalment on the calendar is the Horse Ownership 101 workshop and anyone wanting to purchase a horse really should attend the ownership sessions. The workshop was designed with the goal in mind of preparing people for the journey of owning a horse or horses.

There can be no strong foundation in horse ownership without being equipped with all of the necessary knowledge and skills and this is exactly what the workshops; and even the entire annual event; seek to achieve.

This year’s event will in all likelihood prove even more popular than those hosted during previous years as it’s a very exciting thing to own and run a horse.

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