Casino And Porn Mogul Larry Flynt Dies At 78

By Ben Hamill - February 15 2021

Casino And Porn Mogul Larry Flynt Dies At 78

Porn tycoon and Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt has died, aged 78. Also the owner of two California casino card rooms, Flynt died from heart failure while surrounded by his family at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Wednesday.

Flynt throughout the course of his career became entangled in several high-profile legal battles centred around California laws, and in particular, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He as recently as January secured a minor win over the state of California in his long-time bid to have a gaming law he considered old and outdated, overturned. Flynt, who owned two California-based casino card rooms - the Hustler Casino and Lucky Lady Casino – in 2016 sued the state on the basis of an argument of unconstitutionality.

He and co-plaintiffs and long-time business partners Haig Kelegian Sr and Haig Kelegian Jr went on to institute legal action against the state after Kelegian Jr was fined $210,000 for a company part-owned by his wife’s acquisition of an out-of-state gambling operation. Flynt and co. eventually won their argument on the basis of outdated laws putting an undue burden on interstate commerce.

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Branching Out

Flynt opened his first card room in 2000. He had by that time already built a successful empire in the adult entertainment industry, which empire included a newsletter about strip clubs in Ohio and would later go on to become the well-known Hustler magazine.

His first casino card room, the Hustler Casino in Gardena, very soon became his most profitable business endeavour of all. He would later go on to purchase a second casino card room in Gardena, a venue he purchased as Normandie Casino and later renamed Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino.

He Loved To Gamble

Flynt’s interest in gaming clearly ran much deeper than his many successful business ventures. During a television interview in 2010, the casino and adult entertainment mogul spoke fondly about his love for gambling, saying that unlike others who enjoyed adrenaline sports, he preferred to gamble.

Flynt had a special affinity for Poker, and often played with some of the biggest names in the industry. He finished eighth in the 2000 WSOP $5,000 7-Card Stud tournament.

He suffered from several health issues after being shot by a sniper outside a Georgia court in 1978. The attempt on his life left Flynt paralysed from the waist down. The gunman later admitted to having shot Flynt, arguing that his attempt to assassinate the porn king had been because of interracial pornographic images featured in Hustler.

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