KFC Announces New Dedicated Gaming Console

By Ben Hamill - January 05 2021

KFC Announces New Dedicated Gaming Console

In what many initially thought was an elaborate hoax, fast food chain KFC announced their own gaming console; the KFConsole. One of the key features of the device is that it has a chamber for warming chicken, which is certainly not something that gamers have been asking for. But, upon closer inspection, it can also be seen that the bizarre console is more powerful than the highly popular PlayStation 5.

Most were assuming that KFC would declare that the whole campaign was nothing more than a marketing ploy, but as time has gone by and no such announcement has been made, it seems as if the KFConsole is a real thing.

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The Chicken Chamber

Even still, many aren’t exactly sure what to make of the completely unexpected, and mostly incomprehensible device. The so-called chicken chamber, which is built into the case above the components, apparently uses the natural heat generated by operation to warm chicken. Though, the chamber could conceivably keep anything warm.

Either way, the outrageous feature is so unnecessary as to be laughable. But then laughter was likely the intended result, given that the KFConsole is going viral on its ridiculousness alone.

The Specs

But yes, the console is, in fact, more powerful than the leading device on the market right now; the PlayStation 5. It seems that KFC joined forced with Cooler Master, Asus, Seagate and Asus to put together a legitimate machine. An Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element, as well as a pair of 1 terabyte SSD drives, mean that the wacky console is, in fact, a very powerful high-end PC.

It all seems rather legitimate, until you remember that the case is shaped like a bucket of chicken. The question most gamers are asking now is why didn’t KFC just release a novelty PC case?

What’s Not To Like?

If it is all a practical joke, Mark Cheevers, social media head at the fast-food chain, isn’t letting on. He declared that there is very little to not like, considering that the KFConsole is not only capable of running games in 4K, at 240 frames per second, but is also perfect for keeping meals warm during gaming sessions He even made a snarky remark that Microsoft and Sony were welcome to ask for tips on how to design an effective chicken chamber.

At the end of the day, there really is little to complain about as far as the KFConsole is concerned. Plus, considering that the crocs with fried chicken painted on them, released by the mega-corporation in February 2019, sold out in half an hour, many are apparently charmed by the company’s bizarre, yet functional inventions.

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