Supreme Court To Rule On KED In September

By Ben Hamill - July 01 2020

Supreme Court To Rule On KED In September

This week, Greater Sudbury businessman Tom Fortin brought an application before the Supreme Court in an attempt to prove that the go-ahead for the Gateway’s Kingsway Entertainment District development was the result of a biased city council decision. Since most in-person gatherings remain off the table, the Court allowed the application to proceed by way of a video conference.

Fortin’s legal representative, lawyer Gordon Petch, last year drafted a 1,500-page long application alleging improper conduct on the part of the City of Sudbury at the time of the development’s approval as a special zone fit for the construction of a casino and entertainment venue. Fortin seeks a complete dismissal of the permission to develop, since according to him and some other members of the local business community, the necessary community impact studies were never done. The local city council, claims Fortin, relied on biased bylaws for the purpose of issuing operator Gateway with the premature permission to develop.

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Court To Rule On September 17

Petch’s application on behalf of Fortin furthermore claims a lack of transparency all throughout the application and special zoning approval processes, stating that most of the initial meetings and consultations had been conducted “behind closed doors”. The effect of this manner of conduct will have been equal to denying Greater Sudbury residents and businesspeople the opportunity to provide input and feedback from the local community’s perspective. Whether or not Fortin’s allegations regarding the lack of transparency are true, will only become clear once the Supreme Court makes its ruling regarding the said application. The ruling is expected to be handed down this coming September 17. 

The City of Sudbury last year minced no words about its resolve to oppose the local business community’s application that the bylaws approved by council with regards to the KED development be declared inappropriate and/or in contravention of the law.

Fortin Wasting Taxpayers’ Money

Whether or not Gateway will soon be in a position to proceed with the development of its controversial Starlight Casino Sudbury remains to be seen. Fortin seems dead set on serving the agenda of his “Casino-Free Sudbury” initiative, a resolve that has led not only to several delays, but also gross wastages of taxpayers’ hard-earned money. The initial application to develop was filed more than three years ago.

The recent video-conferenced Super Court proceedings are available to the public and those members of the public interested in the details of the case, are free to access the footage via YouTube.

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