Divisive KED Saga Shambles Clumsily Onwards

By Ben Hamill - September 10 2021

Divisive KED Saga Shambles Clumsily Onwards

The Kingsway Entertainment District (KED) project has been nothing short of a controversy magnet, with numerous parties throwing up various legal blockades. Yet somehow it seems as if gradual progress is still being made, with the proposed grand opening slated as being some time in 2024. If this opening date is realistic is very much in question, with it seeming as if more delays are inevitably waiting just around the corner. As it stands, however, the Greater Sudbury City Council is adamant that the KED is still a good.

The biggest concerns expressed about the project are in regard to the construction’s location. It was decided as far back as 2017 that a new site, located at the edge of town, would be the best option. However, several parties have since expressed their discontent with this decision, with many suggesting that the existing downtown arena should rather be renovated, as opposed to an entire new construction going ahead.

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Growing Discontent

Ward 1 Counsellor Mark Signoretti has been most vocal, pointing out that the proposed new location is not only nearby the city landfill, but also restrictive as far as access is concerned. He went as far as to declare that building the new KED in this area would be an enormous mistake, dooming the entertainment centre to total failure.

He went on to say that the Greater Sudbury City Council should be focusing on sharing more essential information and keeping the public informed, as opposed to steaming ahead with a massive construction that is ill thought out at best. He concluded that he does not support the project on any level, especially since not enough data has been shared to allow officials to make reasonable decisions.

These strong opinions are shared by numerous other councillors, including Michael Vagnini, Gerry Montpellier, and Geoff McCausland to name a few, all of which insist that the entire construction proposal should be delayed until more discussion has occurred.

Online Petition

The local public is not being much more supportive, with resident Patrick Crowe going so far as to launch what is being referred to as an anti-KED petition. He has so far managed to gather over 2,300 signatures, with more being added all the time.

In the opinion of Crowe, the new entertainment centre will simply not be sustainable, given that the proposed construction location is extremely hard to access.