Woodbine Announces 2023 Jimmy Freight Stakes

By Ben Hamill - January 04 2020

Jimmy Freight is the only millionaire son of champion racehorse Sportswriter, and was retired in late 2019 after a very illustrious career with total earnings of CA$1,457,405.00. Now the bay’s progeny will compete in a special event, the Jimmy Freight Stakes, in 2023. Host Woodbine Entertainment is teaming up with Jimmy Freight’s owner Adriano Sorella, and recently officially announced the Stakes.

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Focus on Riveting Harness Racing

As more bettors and spectators learn about riveting harness races, their popularity continues to grow. With that in mind, major corporations such as the Woodbine Entertainment Group are constantly looking for new innovations based on riveting harness events.

In this case, the only competitors in the 2023 Jimmy Freight Stakes will be the sons and daughters of the legendary horse himself. Jimmy Freight will sire all possible sprinters in the upcoming 2020 breeding season, and by the time the races get the green light the young steeds will be two years old.

A Prize Worth Pursuing

The total purse in the Stakes is an especially impressive CA$100,000.00, which will be posted by Sorella himself. This should provide plenty of motivation, and draw talented jockeys and other industry insiders to the event. Jimmy Freight is currently being stabled at Winbak Farm in Ontario, and with his incredible performance history it is likely that the Stakes will be successful enough to become an annual event.

The expected high standards of the horses whose father is known for winning the O’Brian Award (given to the Canadian Harness Horse of the Year) as well as a total of 21 races are also why the purse is so sizable. In the words of Sorella himself, the stallion’s “will to compete was remarkable” and whenever “he stepped onto the racetrack it was all business”.

A Unique Event

The inaugural Jimmy Freight Stakes, to be held at Woodbine’s Mohawk Park in Ontario, is distinct in the harness racing industry of North America. No other event features a sole stallion’s sons and daughters, and the prestige in increased because only ten sprinters can enter the race.

In addition, would-be competitors will only be given the chance to enter if they have participated in at least two other races held at Woodbine Mohawk Park by the year 2023. Both Sorella and the Woodbine Entertainment Group have expressed satisfaction with their upcoming collaboration, which promised to be very profitable.

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