Japan Looks To Canada For Healthy Gambling Info

By Ben Hamill - May 15 2019

Japan Wants To Learn Gambling Ropes From Canada

Japan acted in the best interests of its citizens when it approved the long-awaited IR Resorts Bill that could see the first of the country’s land-based casino resorts open their doors by as early as 2020. Now, its once again looking to do the same, and this time around, the focus is mental health, and more specifically, problem gambling.  A group of Japanese delegates recently travelled all the way to Windsor, Canada, to learn the secrets of the trade from the nation’s top experts.

Windsor’s Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare has been fighting the good fight for the past 25 years. Addictive behaviour is the supreme focus at the centre, and over the years, the physicians, psychiatrists and therapists associated with the centre have made it their business to learn as much as possible about the nature of the beast as well as how to combat it.

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Learning From The Best

The Japanese officials were spot-on to want to learn more about how the centre operates, as well as the secret to its many successes, being the thousands of individuals that it has helped during the more than 200 3-week cycles.

At the time of the Japanese officials’ visit to the centre, they were fortunate enough to attend various workshops and learning sessions about the centre’s operations and various functions. The centre offers individual therapy and help, as well as group discussion sessions, and its focus is on personal growth as well as on interpersonal relationships, and how the individual in his or her own capacity, as well as in the broader setting of familiar- or friendship-based relationships, is affected by addictive behaviour and especially addictions stemming from unhealthy relationships with gambling and other digital services.

On The Right Track

The fact that Japan has realised the need for a pro-active approach indicates that it will make a success of its own gambling industry yet. Individuals who are prone towards developing an addiction to gambling, and in some cases even technology-driven services in general, are all prone towards developing an addiction to something, somewhere along the line; if not gambling, then something else.

The centre’s approach is one of aiding the individual to get to the root of the problem, be it a traumatic experience, a genetic inclination towards addictive behaviour, or whatever the case may be. The list of possibilities goes on and on.

Japan has taken a very important step by learning early on how to identify problem behaviour and also how to offer much-needed help to those who aren’t able to help themselves.

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