Mar Arrested At Illegal Gambling Den Tied To Canadian PM

By Ben Hamill - October 09 2020

Mar Arrested At Illegal Gambling Den Tied To Canadian PM

One of the individuals associated with the illegal gambling den raided by police this summer as part of Project Endgame has now been confirmed as having what appears to be commercial development ties with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Wei Wei, a local Toronto real estate developer, has been identified as one of the individuals present at Markham Mansion in a northern neighbourhood of the city.

Police earlier this year seized and raided the massive mansion and gambling den – during which raid they discovered an underground casino, a bar stocked with bottles of alcohol valued at thousands of dollars, a banking area, and more. The illegal casino consisted of several slot machines, games tables, and even premium Mahjong tables – a known favourite among Chinese big spenders.

Also confiscated at the time were cash, firearms, and several rounds of ammunition. Project Endgame ultimately led to 31 individuals arrested, and total of 74 charges faced – including the illegal running of a gambling den as well as offenses involving sex- and drug trafficking.

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How Wei Wei Ties To PM

Wei Wei has in the meantime been confirmed by police has having connections with persons placed in some of government’s highest orders. The real estate developer is apparently committed to the cause of positioning Chinese individuals in such a way that the interests of Chinese Canadian nationals can be more effectively protected.

The developer is also confirmed to have had a couple of in-person meetings with the Canadian Prime Minister – both of which are considered to have been of a local commercial development nature.

The first of the two meetings took place a little over four years ago in 2016 and at the residential home of a Chinese Canadian business executive. The meeting took on the form of a CA$1,500 fundraiser for the Liberal Party. That particular event already that year managed to cause a heated debate – this due to the fat that some of those who had attended the fundraiser-meeting had made huge donations to several local organisations with ties with government, including a donation made to the University of Montreal, and one made to the Trudeau Foundation.

Illegal Gambling And Weapons

But really concerning to note is the fact that not only had Wei Wei counted among those individuals in attendance at the Liberal fundraiser, but also that he had attended in his capacity of co-chair of the Canada China Chamber of Commerce Association.

The Prime Minister is therefore now linked not only to the Chinese Communist Party, but also to an individual directly involved with a massive illegal gambling and organised crime syndicate.

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