IIGET Dead And Buried Due To B.C. Fail

By Ben Hamill - January 24 2020

The fact that industry watchdog Integrated Illegal Gambling Enforcement Team (IIGET) was declared dead and buried in 2009 is now being blamed on B.C.’s budding money-laundering industry, and also indirectly, on the BCLC. The manner in which the organisation was disbanded at the time has been described by former Crown prosecutor Sandy Garossino as “surprising”. What makes the disbanding even more suspicious in terms of widespread speculations regarding a cover-up is the fact that the IIGET was dissolved shortly after the release of the first of a series of damning reports on the dismal state of affairs in the province. But according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as former B.C. attorney general Rich Coleman, the organisation was disbanded because of the fact that it wasn’t doing a very good job of doing what it had been established to do. 

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Former IIGET chief Fred Pinnock tells a different story altogether and has famously laid the blame for B.C.’s money laundering woes at the feet of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Pinnock was quoted as saying that the warning signs had been all over the show and prominent but that these had at the time been blatantly ignored not only by the RCMP but also by the Liberal government in office at the time.

The Evidence Is Shocking

Damning evidence in as far as what the horrendous failure on the parts of public officials is concerned, is the fact that during that same year (2009) an unnamed Asian individual with direct ties to a slew of organised crime networks, had managed to obtain shares in a B.C casino group’s share structure. The casino’s name has not been made public.

The only way in which this information could have slipped through the cracks would be if the mandated background-check procedures were not duly followed at the time. According to former Deputy Director of Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, namely Denis Meunier, the mandated step of a background-check was in all likelihood purposefully and conveniently skipped in order to serve a specific purpose. Meunier said that this type of conduct is completely unacceptable and should by no means be overlooked as it indicates that there exists particularly weak links and possibly loopholes in provincial regulations.

Scamming Made Easy In B.C.

Criminals have been targeting the province and its casino industry for exactly this reason. The fact that it was regarded as easy acted as a draw-card to criminals from all over, and especially Asia. The Cullen Commission of Enquiry will over the course of the next number of months attempt to weed out the culprits and demand answers from the guilty parties.

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