How to Win at Roulette

By Ben Hamill - November 15 2015


Every casino has its own specialty. Some specialize in sports betting while others have an extensive table games arena. In some casinos, card games are a highlight with poker rooms that are open 24/7 and multiple poker tournaments and progressive poker games hosted weekly.

The most popular Canadian casino game, slot machines, are featured at all casinos — they line the walls of every part of the casino as well as the corridors and even in some of the casino’s eateries .

Regardless of the emphasis that each casino puts on a particular game, the roulette wheel sits front and center in all casino venues.


The sight of the iconic roulette wheel defines a casino. When casinos market their gambling activities, more often than not they feature a casino wheel on their marketing materials. That’s because roulette is such a popular and well-loved game at casino venues around the world.

Roulette started out as a pastime among French intellectuals in the 17th century. The word “roulette” means “little wheel” and refers to the wheel of fortune that mathematician Blaise Pascal created as he studied the theory of probability. He called his roulette wheel a “perpetual motion machine and tested his theories with his friends by playing with the wheel. By the 19th century, casinos located along the French Riviera had incorporated the roulette wheel into their repertoire of games. They created an extensive paytable to allow gamers the opportunity of placing bets on the results of the final landing place of a ball that had been tossed into the spinning wheel.

Throughout the 1800s the roulette game became a staple of gambling the gambling world both in Europe and America. The European Roulette wheel continued to feature 36 pockets plus a “0” pocket while the American roulette wheel was developed with an additional “00” pocket to give the house a better edge. Over the years the American version of the betting table was simplified. Today, many players prefer the American roulette wheel because they find faster action and easier betting. Some people are drawn to the game because they’re fascinated by a game whose numbers add up to the mystical “666.” There are even stories of gamers who made “deals with the devil” to discover the secrets of how to win at roulette.

No one knows the ultimate secret of how to win a roulette game. A good percentage of playing roulette involves simple luck. However, there are strategies and techniques that allow gamers to leverage the different betting options and achieve a higher win rate.

Chaos Theorists

Before we look at the tried-and-true roulette tips, it might be interesting to examine the experience of a group of chaos theorists who decided to try to beat the house in roulette. By modeling the motion of the ball and wheel they succeeded in confirming their predictions — both in simulation and on an actual roulette wheel — about how knowing initial conditions can help you beat odds. By noting the time that it takes for the ball to pass a fixed point, the theorists estimated the velocity of the ball which allowed them to make their predictions. At that point, they began to predict into which half of the roulette wheel the ball would fall more than 50% of the time. They were able to successfully predict the side of the wheel in which the ball would land 59% of the time and achieve an 18% return on their roulette activities. That compares to a -2.7% return for regular roulette gambling.

It’s clear that 99.9% of casino gamblers won’t be using chaos theory to plot their roulette pursuits. But according to the theorists, wheels in which the ball drops from only one side of the rim give players the ability to predict, more simply and reliably, where the ball will land.

Other Winning Strategies

Whether or not you want to try the chaos theory strategy, there are additional winning strategies to keep in mind when playing roulette. Some of these include:

  1. Choose European Roulette, not American Roulette.This seems obvious, once you understand that the house edge of the European wheel is less than that of the American reel. But many players still select the American Roulette wheel because, they think that since it has an extra slot, 00, it will increase their odds. Keep in mind that the house edge on a European wheel is on 2.63%.while the American wheel istwice That seems clear enough.
  2. Bet on a colour. Colours are outside bets. These types of bets have higher odds but offer lower payouts. So every colour bet has a 50% chance of winning.
  3. Don’t bet on individual numbers. Numbers bets are inside bets which have lower odds of winning but offer higher payouts. However, the chance that your specific number will come up are only one in 36. That’s not very good. If you feel lucky and want to bet on numbers, place an outside bet on a group of numbers. Your choices include 1-18 and 19-36. This puts you back into the realm of an outside bet but look at the odds of winning — one in two! Despite the lower payout, this is definitely a better bet.
  4. Try the Martingale Strategy. This theory states that, at some point, a specific bet will bear fruition. So, for instance, if you’ve been betting on red verses black or evens verses odds, continue those bets until they come up. You might even want to double your bet each time. Because eventually, they’re going to win, and when they do, you’ll make back all of the money that you lost previously.
  5. Practice playing at a free table before you start playing for real money.This will help you increase your confidence, get a feel for the game, and determine what works for you and what doesn’t. You can also study other players’ strategies.

Play Roulette

Roulette is featured at all brick-and-mortar casinos. Some offer one variation while others feature two variations. Online casinos also feature roulette but these casino venues offer a wider range of options including multi-player roulette, French roulette, 3D roulette and other versions of the basic game. The techniques and tips offered here are appropriate for all of the variations.

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