How to Find the Best Payout Percentages and Other Casino Data

By Ben Hamill - January 02 2016


The question over whether there is a “system” to achieving more and better slots wins is hotly debated. In general, playing slots involves competing at a game that is based on luck, with the results determined by a random number generator. These random number generators are reviewed regularly by accrediting agencies to ensure that each game is fair.

Regardless of the general rule that success at slots is determined by luck, there are some basic points that you should know if you’re concentrating your casino gambling on the slots.

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Which are the bestgames to play? How many coins should one play?

The casinos generally offer an incentive for you to play the maximum number of coins. For instance, if you play 2 coins you’ll earn 1000 on a jackpot but if you play 3 coins the jackpot will jump to 4000. The return is highest with a max-coin bet with an economy of sale incentive. On the other hand, casinos tend to increase the theoretical return on slot machines as the wagers rise in denomination, meaning that in the long run, you’re probably better off depositing one coin on a $1 machine rather than 4 coins on a .25 machine.

Single, smaller games seem to offer the best return for your money.

Is there a particular time (of day, week, month) when it’s better to play the slots? Are the payout percentages consistent at all times?

The odds on each individual machine never change.

Do the odds vary from casino to casino on minor prizes for multi-casino, progressive-linked jackpot games such as Wheel of Fortune or Megabucks? For instance, does each casino vary its on odds on triple play video poker games, which are linked, or are the odds the same at all linked casinos? Similarly, on the Wheel of Fortune bar, double bar, and triple bar hits, do all linked casinos offer the same prizes?

Since the casino and the software company share in the profits from these games, the odds remain the same across the board on games such as Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks. In video poker, the odds are determined by the pay table. For example, a 9-6 Jacks or Better game of poker pays 99.54%, assuming an infinite amount of play and optimal strategy. This is true regardless of where the machine is located or how many hands the player receives on his draw.

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Do online progressive slots offer a better chance of hitting a jackpot than land-based progressive games?

Software companies and casinos are notoriously reticent to

Some local gaming authorities have set minimum payouts for slots. Do those minimums apply to each individual slot machine or do they refer to a casino average payout? For instance, some games are set higher and some lower by the manufacturer. So, for example, if the minimum payout is 87%, can the casino set one machine at 60% and another at 120%, which would then average out at 90%? Or does each machine pay at least 87%.

The minimum applies to every machine. If a local gaming authority has set such as minimum payout, no machine can go below that minimum.

Are First Nation Casinos held to the same standards as non-First Nation casinos? Are their pay outs regulated in the same way as non-First Nation casinos and are they subject to the same oversight as non First Nation Casinos?

Throughout Canada all casino activities, including lotteries, gaming centers, bingo halls, race tracks and casino venues are supervised and regulated by the local provincial Gambling and Lotteries Corporation. Each province operates its own corporation which is under the auspices of the province’s Ministry of Finance. First Nation casinos operate under the same terms and conditions as off-reservecasinos.

How do casinos program their slot machines to pay out a regulated percentage if the slots’ wins are determined by a random number generator? How can the casino determine what number or combination (winning or losing) will come up next?.

The casinos don’t actually program the slot machine to pay a certain percentage. They determine the weighting of the reels to ensure that the theoretical return will meet a general, averaged percentage. While in the short run the return can be lower or higher than the theoretical return, in the long run the actual return, according to the laws of mathematics, will reach the theoretical return.

Many of the new video slots offer multiple coins per line and multiple paylines. Most payoffs are multiples of the line bet along with “bonus” wins that multiply the total amount bet. What’s the best way to approach such a machine? Is it best to play all possible pay lines? Is there an optimum combination of pay lines that you should play to achieve the highest returns?

Each frame in a video slot machine is weighted equally. That means that any given line is equally likely to produce any given combination. Returns are the same, regardless of the number of coins played.

Can a casino change the slot payout percent of a slot machine? Or is it set by the software developer?

It is possible to change the return of the slot machine by changing the EPROM chip inside the machine. However such a change would have to be reported to the gaming authorities. The random number generator on a machine remains constant — the return is determined by what the program does with the random numbers.

Do higher slot machines offer better payouts?

In general the higher the coinage, the better the rate of return.

Do casinos change the percentage on slot machines?

They do, but not often. Casinos have to fill out forms when they change the percentage on a game. Most slot managers have a policy on what coinage is set to what return and they don’t deviate like to from that.

What does a”97.4% Return” sign mean on a slot machine?

It means thatthe slots is set to a theoretical return of at least 97.4%.

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