The Hope Of Winning Is The Real Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - January 02 2017

Slots at a casino

The thrill of “hoping to win” may actually be more fulfilling than actually winning.

Why do people play casino games? According to recent research, the thrill of “hoping to win” may actually be more Casino winner
fulfilling than actually winning. This is true regardless of the players’ culture, age or previous gaming experience. People love to hope. Playing casino games or lottery games is one of the best ways that they can express that yearning.

Pleasure Receptors

Nevzat Tarhan, a Turkish medical scientist, psychiatrist and neuropsychology expert says that unexpected gifts trigger the pleasure receptors in a person’s brain. Even the thought that a person might win a prize is enough to keep alive that hope and bring pleasure.

Dr. Tarhan’s suggestion goes beyond looking at the gift itself to describe the pleasure that an individual gets from anticipating the possibility of receiving a gift. He notes that “even if one cannot win the lottery, just the possibility of winning makes people happy. The money is not paid for the lottery ticket but for that pleasure. ”

Many people believe that Tarhan’s theory is helpful in better understanding gambling addictions. Individuals who are susceptible to addictive personality traits or who develop the characteristic of addiction over time become blind to reality. Their focus is on the opportunity that the gambling offers rather than the win itself.

Big Winners

Lottery WinnersTarhan has presented evidence that indicates that big winners actually suffer — their family lives often break down and they lose valued friendships. When push comes to shove they don’t know what to do with their big win and the pleasure that they get from their win doesn’t compensate for losing the gratification that come from their hopes of winning.

Experts believe that Tarhan’s theories explain why people who achieve big lottery wins or casino wins return to play again. They may have plenty of money after their win but they crave the thrill that comes from anticipating the outcome of the gaming activity.